Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Judge Dredd the Miniatures Game

After having a demo of this at the Mantic open day I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

To be honest I was pretty much expecting the system to be terrible and I'd heard bad things about the models so it was nice to see that the models were actually more detailed than I expected and the rule-set itself was actually pretty intuitive and simple to pick up. The guy who frequents my FLGS Titan Games who had the demo with me also seemed to enjoy it so once we've waded through all our Deadzone bits and pieces were going to give it a go. The demo used the following gangs (with some additions) and for some reason my fellow hobbyist thinks the apes are cool...he likes the one in the dress...I'm not sure whether I should be disturbed or not...

Though I'll probably go with the Judges...though even there you have some choices...

I think therefore I'll go with the starter box and he can buy the apes and we'll see how it goes from there.


He is the Law, and you better believe it, punk!
The Judge Dredd starter box set contains everything you need to begin fighting on the streets of Mega-City One and beyond. Two complete forces of Judges and street gangs are included, along with a hardback copy of the rules and two limited edition miniatures available nowhere else!
Judge Dredd is a 28mm skirmish game designed to be quick, easy to learn, and capable of handling the madness that is Mega-City One, from the powerful judges to the lowliest punk or mutant.
Players can choose from a range of forces present in Mega-City One and beyond, from the Judges of the Justice Department itself, to the nastiest street gangs from the worst sectors of the city. Add to this Klegg Invasion Forces, Cursed Earth Desperadoes, Fattie Stampedes and Sky Surfers, and the true madness of Mega-City One is set to hit your tabletop with a bang!
The Starter Box Set Includes:
* 240 page Full Colour Hardback Rulebook
* A complete Justice Department Force
* A complete Street Gang Force
* The Academy of Law Training Guide
* Limited Edition Female Street Punk Leader
* Limited Edition Street Judge with Lawrod
Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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