Friday, 20 December 2013

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter - 24 Hour Countdown...

If your planning any last minute purchases...

24 Hour Countdown!
Hey everyone, quick newsletter to let you know that Hasslefree's last post for 2014 will be Saturday the 21st, which means any orders you'd like posted this year will need to be in on Friday 20th as early as possible.
Our next post after that is January the 6th (we'll be back at work a few days before that but it's a weekend).
We do have some new releases up, the Modern Trooper range has been extended with some new body variants that have integral Hydration packs (Photos being added as fast as we can manage). We have 4 new resin masters, Volk the Bastard and Kalyna join our fantasy barbarians and there are two new protoypes for our planned Sci-Fi boxset, a Male and a Female in powered armour. We'll be adding some new Grymn parts to the website as soon as photography is sorted (mentioned here because we hope to have them up tomorrow in time for people to order, if not we're very sorry).
We've also had restocks in on a lot of our missing items. Anything currently out of stock means that it is in the remoulding queue, which we pretty much hope to clear in January.
All of the above have been soft launched over the holidays and we'll include them in our first newsletter of 2014 with all the usual extra details. We've literally just run out of time :)
Also don't forget we still have the XMAS2013 code available or a goodie bag if your order is over £50 and you decide not to use the code. That offer runs until we re-open in January.
I'm sure we'll pop back up to say Merry Christmas closer to the day but for now, Happy Holidays!

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