Sunday, 14 December 2014

Batman Tournament at Titan Games

Titan Games hosted a tournament for the Batman Miniatures Game this Saturday with some impressive prize support provided by Knight Models. There were enough prizes in fact for every-one attending to leave with something...more on that in a moment though...

For those of you interested in the game itself then the rules can be obtained for free from here. The event used the Knight Models recommended points value of 350 points which greatly pleased the player wishing to use the Watchman characters (they have the same rules) as they add up to exactly the aforementioned points value, lol.

This being the first of it's kind it was obviously a learning experience for every-one involved from the tournament organisers right down to the players but as you can see from the following pictures it went very well indeed. It was also gratifying to see a game company (Knight Games) supporting an event in the UK with prize support as in my experience this doesn't happen often. They supplied several crew boxes, some larger scale models and a good quantity of blisters of both models and accessories.

Titan Games had spent some time creating themed boards using a variety of products ranging from Mantic Games Mars Attacks Miniatures Games scenery (the walls from that game and it's scenery expansions are excellent and most of the trucks you'll see pictured are converted from the truck that's available as a game accessory as well), through Games Workshop bits and pieces (they do have that Gothic feel after all) to some standard toy models that had been creatively converted. Here's a few examples from before the event though there will be plenty of pictures of the rest later...

As expected the crews ranged from those designed to win by any means necessary to those with the characters backgrounds firmly in mind with a few that landed somewhere in the middle. Here are some crew pictures helpfully taken on the day that I've stolen from the Arkham City Limits Facebook group...though as I credited them it's only internet stealing...and that's apparently fine, lol.

...and a 2nd Penguin crew that I missed out...sorry...

Some of the players had made an effort as well...

Here's some additional pictures of the game boards in use and you'll get some more pics of them when I include a few action shots in a moment...

I was originally due to play in the event myself but as regular readers of the blog will now know my job has a habit of randomly stealing my weekends at the last minute and on this occasion decided to steal just enough of my Saturday to make arriving in time for the first game impossible. I'm therefore forced to live the day vicariously through the experiences of others. The people I spoke to all seemed to have enjoyed themselves and even the occasional bits of constructive criticism that happen seemed remarkably absent though I'm sure some helpful info well emerge later. No table flipping or stropping was apparent either...

There you go then...I've also been informed that I have to mention the most significant event of the entire day...namely, Deathstroke getting arrested by the Adam West version of Batman...I'm not sure that Shark Repellent Bat Spray was involved though...which is a bit disappointing, lol.

As mentioned earlier the Facebook Group Arkham City Limits is well worth joining if you're interested in the game as it seems to be full of genuine fans having intelligent discussions rather than the usual bunch of assholes that sometimes find their way to such places...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Would have loved to be there too.
    What Crew would you have run? Gordon and Batman?
    Through you asking in another Group I found the Facebook Group today about 30 minutes before this post, so I Need to thank you.

    1. My plan was to take a themed crew of Gordon, Batgirl and all the SWAT team and police models...alas it was not to be...

  2. Great write up. No pic of my penguin crew?

    1. I'll have a look for it...I knew I was missing a couple of crews...

      ...there you go...hopefully that newly added Penguin crew is yours, lol.

    2. Cheers. Happy Penguin now :-)

    3. Sorry about that. As I didn't arrive till nearly the end I didn't really see who was using what so didn't know what was missing.


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