Friday, 26 December 2014

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A Christmas related Mantic Games Newsletter...

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Big Battles, Great Prices

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to start playing a new game - perhaps you'll decide to give Deadzone a whirl or try your luck at DreadBall?

Whatever your preference, our winter sale is here to help get you started, or expand your existing collection!

Winter Wonderland

A special selection of units and hobby kits from across the range have been brought togetherat up to 50% off RRP, many of which only have limited stock available.

From finely detailed miniatures kits like the Enforcers Strike Section, introductory battlesets like Mhorgoth Rising to full games-in-a-box like Project Pandora, we've something for every game. Head over to the site to see the full selection! 

More Strikes, Tougher Teams... 2015 is the Year of DreadBall!

With three new seasons on the way and a raft of new ways to support the community coming, there’s never been a better time to get into DreadBall.
There's no such thing as a winter break in DreadBall...

We’ve included DreadBall Kick-off in the sale to make getting into the game nice and easy. We've also put together some DreadBall Season Compilations so that you, your club or your mates can all get into the game together, perhaps even set up a league or tournament!
DreadBall Kick-off is a simple starter set for learning to
play the Futuristic Sports Game.

For those vets out there – or maybe you just want to add some cool miniatures to your collection – the team boosters and All-Star packs have incredible deals on them too. Get yourself down to the training ground son, and get ready to play ball!

Access All Areas

Mantic All-Access kits contain all of you need to start playing our games, plus all of the extra rules, missions and some bonus miniatures to boot. This is put together in a simple one-click package with a healthy dose of Mantic free stuff to make them all better value than purchasing them separately.
Deadzone: All-Access

Take Deadzone All-Access for example – a copy of the boxed game is matched up with the Deadzone: Contagion expansion so that you can add Solo Play and Plague Zombies to your games. You also get extra scenery, A.I. card deck and the Plague Zombie miniatures. We also include the Nexus Psi campaign book and Deadzone: Incursion for playing multiplayer games, all for just £99.99/$174.99.
There’s an All-Access set available for Deadzone, DreadBall, Mars Attacks and a special LOKA set too. Find out more here.

More, more, more!

To make the Winter Sale all the more sweeter, we're giving away a free random DreadBall MVP worth at least £4.99 if you purchase any DreadBall team, AND free Ruined Terrain sprues with any Battlezones set worth £24.99 and up!!

All that and the Christmas Crazy Box – at least £70 worth of stuff for £25 – is still available too.

The Winter Sale is now on - you’d be mad to miss it.

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