Sunday, 14 December 2014

Hasslefree Miniatures - Christmas Auctions...

Just a heads up from the gals and guys at Hasslefree minatures.....

Just a Couple of Hours Left
There will be a proper newsletter, couple of technical hitches with new photos. In the meantime though we thought we'd better remind you that our 2014 Christmas Auctions are coming to an end today, the first in only a couple of hours!

A quick reminder of what we have up for Auction this time around...
Ebay Auctions - Limited Edition Figures
Once again we have the LE Vic & DavidLE Libby on Tigress and LE Womble. All are now looking a little lonely in their retirement box as supplies dwindle.
This time they have also been joined by the, now out of regular production, Wolf in Cloak andBirthday Axenarf. These irregular Ebay Auctions are now the only way to get these minis other than prying them out of the hands of the lucky few who already own them.
We also have a few of this curious item...
Ebay Auctions - Kyrie
Found in a box while closing the office these are 2 of a few test castings that belong (or belonged) to Kev. It's a figure he made for 'Custom Hobby' for their painting contests. A handful of test castings were run and they became Kev's personal masters that he retains from commission pieces.
Now I have them and they can be yours! :D
Kyrie is the mascot of Custom Hobby and this represents her with a paintbrush sword and palette shield and holding aloft her trophy. A curious and exceedingly rare piece of Kev White history.
Two auctions are up as there were two test variants, either a light blue resin (pictured) or a dark blue resin (which we don't have a photo of as it didn't photograph well being too dark, exactly the same quality though).
And Finally
Well, that's it :)
Don't forget our Christmas Bonus is still running, you can find the details in last week's newsletterHERE and we shall be open pretty much over the Christmas holidays now that we have moved premises. One of the .. perks? of the new office being 15 minutes from my front door is that I can solve your mini-related issues at any time of the year.
'til next time,

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