Saturday, 13 December 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter

Forgot to post this yesterday.....

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All this week on the Mantic Blog Luke Watson has been eyeing up the Forge Fathers, delving deep into the different units at their disposal.

Why? Because in December the Forge Fathers come to Deadzone!
Forge Father Support Booster

Like the look of them? Want to know more about their background and history? Check outInside the Forge right here on the Mantic Blog and let us know what you think.

Urban Pattern Iron Ancestor

The Forge Fathers, including the heavily armoured hard plastic Forge Guard, are available to pre-order - but hurry! Last Christmas shipping dates are only around the corner.

Looking for that perfect gift this Christmas?

Bursting with miniatures and hobby greatness, the Christmas Crazy Box is back - over £70 of stuff in a £25 mystery box!
The Christmas Crazy box comes in two flavours – Original or Sci-fi.

There could be anything in them, from rulebooks, posters and vehicles, to hard plastic infantry, DreadBall players and metal mercenaries and Battlezones scenery.

The ultimate bitz box, the Crazy Box is the best way to start your Mantic collection or expand any tabletop hobby - get your Mantic Christmas Crazy Box here.

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