Friday, 5 December 2014

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I'm not sure that 'Happy December' is actually a thing...but apparently Mantic Games think it is and that's good enough for me.....

Happy December!
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That festive chill is in the air so we’ve got a ton of hobby goodness to warm up your weekend!

We’ve put together 3 very special but cheesy Christmas scenarios for Deadzone, Kings of War and Mars Attacks.

Play these with your friends or use them to introduce new people to some of Mantic’s systems while keeping them in the holiday spirit.

This scenario can be played up to 6 players. 1 if you use the zombie AI deck.

Click to download our Deadzone Xmas Scenario.

Kings of War
This scenario is best 1 vs 1 but can easily be adapted to a multiplayer game. Try it out with more that 2 players and let us know how it goes!

Click to download our Kings of War Xmas Scenario!

Mars Attacks
Can you stop those pesky Martians from ruining Xmas?

Click to download our Mars Attacks Xmas Scenario!

There you have it, holiday fun to be had by all. Stay warm and get some games in!

Catch up with all the latest!

Last weekend was the Open Day and we had an exceptional time. The chatter was fantastic, the games amazing and the sneak peaks scintillating.

We caught up with Talk Wargaming who continue to put together fantastic hobby articles like these Red Brick Scenery and Martian painting guides.

Chilling Wargamers were also on hand to bring their own brand of madness to proceedings with some great interviews with Alessio, Luke and Ronnie.

For those of you who couldn't attend, we filmed Ronnie's seminars and will have them up on our Youtube channel next week. Keep an eye out for those!

Catch up on all of the Open Day madness over on the Mantic Facebook page.
Go Big or Go Home
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We are just 100 likes away from passing the 21,000 milestone on theMantic Games Facebook page and you know what that means… PRIZES!

Since it’s Christmas, we’re picking 3 lucky winners to win either Deadzone: Contagion, Mars Attacks: Humanity Resists or your choice of Battlezones District.

All you have to do to enter is Like the Mantic Facebook page if you haven’t already done so. If you’ve already liked the page then you don’t need to do a thing!

You’ve got to be in it to win, pop on over now and Like us!
Last Shipping Dates

We’re quickly approaching our recommended last shipping dates before Christmas:

5th December – Australia
9th December – Canada, France and Poland
13th December – USA
14th December – Mainland Europe
18th December – UK

With these dates in mind, you haven't got long to get your Mantic Christmas shopping done and dusted.
Beasts of War
2014 Awards

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We have been nominated in a variety of categories in the Beasts of War Awards 2014!

Go and show your support for Mantic Games and make sure we show the rest of the gaming world how fantastic our games and community are!!!
Mantic at Dragonmeet
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Stuck for something to do this weekend? We have a table at Dragonmeet this weekend so why not head down for a great day out!

Click to view image.
Welcome to the Watch
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Issue 28 of the monthly Mantic Fanzine is now out, featuring a very fetching cover ;)

In this issue:
- Iron Forge Team display their top-quality Mantic paintjobs
- Part 3 of Hamfist Borin
- How to paint a Dwarf Berserker Lord with Non-Metallic Metals
- Small Unit Tactics
- Painting Mars Attacks Figures by Cedric Boudoya

Download it for free here.
Our mailing address is:
Mantic Games, 193 Hempshill Lane, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8PF, England.
Copyright (C) 2014 Mantic Entertainment Ltd. All rights reserved.

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