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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

A Christmas newsletter from the guys and gals at Hasslefree Miniatures...

Nadolig Llawen Pawb!
A Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Super Solstice, Mirthful HumanLight and anything else someone out there has going on this time of year! Consider us the company of inclusion ;)
Right, we have a bunch of stuff to get through and very little time to do so as the office move has taken up the best part of th last month so now we're rushing to pack it all in before everyone gets a Turkey hangover (except you yanks who are only just getting over the last one).

First up is the all important posting dates should you require some kind of present for a big day...
2014 Royal Mail Christmas Posting Dates
Please bear in mind these are 'recommended' which means that it swings both ways. If we post your order out before the date it isn't guaranteed to get there in time and if you order after the date it likewise isn't guaranteed to get there after the date either :)
Basically just order as fast as ya can and we'll get it out as fast as we can. If you're really worried your best bet is always to plump up the extra for tracked shipping. As well as being trackable to ease peace of mind we have found they also seem to be slightly quicker, it's almost like the mail services know we're watching!
Right, on to the goodies...
2014 Christmas Bonus Time!
Anyone spending over £50 will get one of our Christmas 2014 Goodie Bags!
It only seems like yesterday that we finished the Halloween goodie bags! (It kinda was *blush*)
As with those spooky lil bags of joy, please bear in mind contents may change. This is just an example of things you may expect in your bag - elf heads, kids with toys, festive coloured candy and accessories etc..
Goodie bags also get larger and smaller once you pass the £50 limit depending on order size. Bigger the order, bigger the Holiday Bonus!
So, what can ya buy from us to earn such delicious treats?...
Limited Christmas Minis!
Our Christmas Limited figs have been re-actived for the season.
These can all only be purchased during the Christmas season and will be de-activated again when we return after our holidays in January.
Crystal, 54mm Resin Special Edition Soldier
Crystal is a Special Edition figure that Kev made for his visit to America last year, starting at Adepticon and the Crystal Brush.
A 54mm post-apocalyptic / near-future solder taking a well-deserved break. Armed with a new variant of the M4 assault rifle complete with holographic sighting system and holstered pistol.
The 5 piece Set comes complete with resin base and wall, main body, right hand/gun and pistol. An all resin kit.
Crystal is approximately 55mm from feet to top of helmet in slight leaning pose.

There's a thread on our FB HERE. If anyone knows any 54mm FB groups or forums please feel free to share her. As our 54mm figs are pretty rare it's not our area of expertise so we'd appreciate the help (Feel free to email us and let us know of any popular forums/groups and we'd be happy to go say hello).
The Return of Paige!
Our most impressive Christmas Figure returns for the Holiday Period.
Paige is 54mm scale and stands approximately 66mm high from the heel of her boot to the top of her outstretched arm.
She comes packed as a gift in a beautiful red box complete with bow so for anyone considering it as a Christmas Present you don't need to worry about working out how to wrap it :)
Price Drop - Gypsy, Exotic Princess.
To complete our 54mm Special Edition line-up we have reduced the price of Gypsy. We've rejigged things and have shaved a few pounds off her and feel she represents even better value now!
'Gypsy', or Princess Llana, comes equipped with a curved sword (similar to a tulwar) in her right hand and the choice of a pistol or matching sword in her left (both choices included). Dressed in the scarce manner of her people and striking a defiant pose.
Gypsy was the result of Kev moving offices and being left to his own devices for a couple of weeks. Sometimes he just likes to bust out his artistic side and make something pretty :)
Resin Masters - The Penn State Survivors
These are the core members of a small group of hardened Zombocalypse survivors whose base of operations is in the Quaker state.
Also available separately this group consists of (l-r) Vince, JIm, Earl, Levon and Taylor. The group pack includes a healthy discount on the invdividual purchases.
Resin Master - Vince
Vince is an ex-biker gang member from Philly. After having to put down a number of his brothers during the outbreak he has since hooked up with a small, hardened group of survivors.
Seen here with a basic automatic pistol and very dynamic pose.
Resin Master - Jim
After a tour of Vietnam as basically a child, Jim returned to the Steel City a broken man. Haunted by the events of his service Jim lived a pretty solitary life until the day of the outbreak.
He fairly quickly chose between  'snap out of it or die' and has, so far, managed to overcome his inner demons and is using his almost-forgotten Special Forces skills to be a welcome member of the Penn State survivor group.
Seen here with a basic pistol and ubiquitous ex-army clothing.
Resin Master - Earl
Earl was your average guy pre-Apocalypse. A bank manager at Wells Fargo, single, worked out semi-regularly, enjoyed sushi at the weekends with his friends.
Earl killed 57 infected and 13 people in the first week of the outbreak, including his entire sushi gang. You'd be surprised what the average guy has inside him when the chips are down.
Seen here working the slide of his trusty automatic.
Resin Master - Taylor
Taylor is part of a small group of Zombocalypse survivors thrown together by circumstance. Separated from her family during the outbreak, she is unaware of how her parents or little sister Beth fared.
Seen here in light clothing with a pistol and in a very dynamic pose.

(This was a good opportunity to show the newer photos we took to better show off her pose)
Resin Master - Levon
Levon was an FDNY Firefighter before the Zombocalypse and he's stuck to what he knows since then. Armed with one of his old axes, a pistol and wearing an old uniform that still sorta fits.
Levon was heading up a training course with the PFD during the outbreak. In case you ever wondered, yes, a large man can put a fire axe straight through a fire helmet.
Short Pre-Orders
The next 6 items are 'pre-orders' for metal minis. They are due mid-week but we are offering you the chance to pre-order them to give us the best chance of getting them to you before Christmas. As we don't yet have the metal we are using the resin photos, metal photos will be in next weeks newsletter for their official launch.
Pre-Order - Woody
Woody is the first of our kneeling pose Modern Troopers. He comes with a choice of HK416 and Benelli/SPAS style shotgun. He also comes with the Heavy Backpack B and the 'Woody' head (boonie hat, eye protectors and half mask).
(Metal miniature, resin photo used for reference)
Il Capello
Il Capello has been working for the same family for generations. His job title has varied over the years but most people would settle on 'cleaner' and leave it at that. One thing that's definitely known for certain, he's the last person you want to come visit, as he probably will be.
Il Capello comes with a choice of two heads, The Il Capello head is the bare one with the gaunt features and the Il Cuoco head has the glasses and the van dyke beard.
(Metal miniature, resin photo used for reference)
Pre- Order - Vic Lewinski
Victoria 'Vic' Lewinski is another addition to our survivors. An ex-USAF chopper pilot, they don't come much tougher than her. Armed with killer abs and a modified FN FiveseveN. Seen here enjoying her trademark victory cigar.
(Metal miniature, resin photo used for reference)
Pre-Order - Pilot Vic
Vic Lewinski, seen here in her chopper pilot gear, returning from a successful mission. Armed with a holstered FN FiveseveN sidearm, killer abs and the ubiquitous pilot shades. Give her 5 minutes and her jacket'll be off and she'll bust out a cigar! ;)
(Metal miniature, resin photo used for reference)
Pre-Order - Kirsten
Kirsten is a spunky New Yorker, or she was before the Zombocalypse. Now she's more a spunky Anywherer. Seperated from her husband during the Event she hides her worry and grief behind a boisterous upbeat attitude. Armed with a pistol and an attitude that won't quit and always fashionably dressed!
(Metal miniature, resin photo used for reference)
Pre-Order - Col. Sinclair
This mini depicts the younger officer who would become the inimitable General Sinclair, the man in charge of both Special and Black Ops and thus the man that DeanoHassle and the othersanswer to. A no-nonsense Southern Officer who worked his way through the ranks the hard way. Seen here in field gear, as he was never shy about showing up on the ground during a mission. Not a man to be taken lightly!
(Metal miniature, resin photo used for reference)
With the above pre-orders come our fresh restocks too.
As such we've added them to the site as well, any figure that is technically a pre-order by a few days will have a red warning on the page. Please bear in mind that ordering one of these means your order won't be posted until later in the week when the restocks arrive.
Ebay Auctions - Limited Edition Figs
We have once again busted out some Ebay Auctions due to the special occasion of closing up the old HF office.
Once again we have the LE Vic & DavidLE Libby on Tigress andLE Womble. All are now looking a little lonely in their retirement box as supplies dwindle.
This time they have also been joined by the now out of regular production Wolf in Cloak and Birthday Axenarf. These irregular Ebay Auctions are now the only ay to get these minsi other than prying them out of the handsof the lucky few who already own them.
We also have  a few of this curious item...
Ebay Auctions - Kyrie
Found in a box while closing the office these are a few test castings that belong (or belonged) to Kev. It's a figure he made for 'Custom Hobby' for their painting contests. A few test castings were run and they became Kev's personal masters that he retains from commission pieces.
Now I have them and they can be yours! :D
Kyrie is the mascot of Custom Hobby and this represents her with a paintbrush sword and palette shield and holding aloft her trophy. A curious and exceedingly rare piece of Kev White history.
Two auctions are up as there were two test variants, either a light blue resin (pictured) or a dark blue resin.
Price Drop - Limited Pirates
To go with the 'trophy' theme we have reduced the price on our last few Limited Edition Pirate Captains.
They come in Bronze and Silver variants. They were a test run back when HF purchased the green from the insanely talented Tom Meier. While they look good in person and paint up just fine they photograph terribly, the metal dust in the resin reflects the light and everything looks 'bitty'.
We only have a handful left of each variant and we have some plans to return the Captain to resin in the future so this is a chance to grab one at a bargain price!
And FInally...
After all that there isn't much to say here :)
We are 'insanely' busy right now with the new unit, catching up on back orders, Christmas, all the above new stuff etc. so please bear with us if we don't get back to an email 'immediately'. We are catching up pretty fast so it shouldn't take long before the new unit is back to our regular pre-move sterling service.
'til next time

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