Friday, 19 December 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter

It's a Christmas newsletter from the guys and gals at Mantic Games.....

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Last Weekend of Shipping Before Christmas

We’re taking the Christmas Crazy Box and upping the level of insanity for the last weekend before Christmas!

Christmas Crazy Boxes are a random selection of goodies from across the Mantic range - everything from scenery to infantry, vehicles to DreadBall players. The ultimate bitz box, the Crazy Box is the best way to start your Mantic collection or expand any tabletop hobby - get your Mantic Christmas Crazy Box here.
The Christmas Crazy box comes in two flavours – Original or Sci-fi.

This weekend only, Ronnie will choose five boxes at random. These special boxes will be taken to INSANITY level and will receive something extra crazy – a very cool, exclusive item added to the box as an extra little Christmas present from us, with the big prize being a Limited Edition Hardback Deadzone Compendium worth £39.99/$64.99!

You've got until Midnight GMT 21st December to get your Crazy Box and be eligible for one of Ronnie's secret pressies.

That Special Something...

Earlier last year we put together the Deadzone Compendium, compiling the main rulebook, Deadzone: Incursion, Contagion and Nexus Psi together and producing them in a beautiful foiled leather hardback book.

We printed a limited number for our Kickstarter backers, overshooting a little so we had enough to fulfill backers.

We have a small number of these book remaining - the last of their kind - and those are now available to order from the website in strictly limited quantities.

Containing all of the rules for Deadzone in one convenient place, a Deadzone Compendium is highly limited - there will only ever be one print run of this book - making it a little part of Mantic History.

The Deadzone Compendium also includes additional content that has never been printed before, including the Containment Protocols Short Story Collection (which can be purchased digitally at Mantic Digital) and Designer Notes.

Treat someone special and get them this epic tome here.

Merry Christmas!

The Mantic Team

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