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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some very interesting new releases from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Back on Track!
Hey everyone, it seems likee everything is back on track. No more reports of people being unable to see our product images, we're caught up on emails and orders, restocks have started arriving and it's Jenn's birthday this week so I get to do something nice and pretend it's for her!
More seriously, we are 'super' busy right now. We have a crazy month ahead of us, and a crazy September too, as we'll be taking some time off in October to visit Jenn's family. Before we can do that we have 5 metal releases to get out, Kev's Super Summer challenge to finish and release in resin and we have to finally get our Artemis Black's section populated with awesomeness from around the world for you to snap up.

The very first one of those will be in the next newsletter, or we wil die trying :)

In the meantime though, Kevgasms ahoy! ...
Oh Wait, We Forgot Something!
Due to the website hack ad related catchup we missed out getting to announce the winner of the big Public Poll for Kev's Super Summer Challenger!

Well, hold your breath no more, for the vaunted victor is...

*drum roll*

"A. 'Female Warrior Monk' makes a return after narrowly losing the last poll. Cropped hair with long side/back braids, possibly twin hammers and in full religious armour."

Sorry to everyone who picked one of the others. On the positive side the response was amazing, and none of the entrants was lacking votes, so the other 5, especially the close second of the 'female sci-fi siper', have gone on Kev's possibilities list and I have already heard some murmurs about a couple of them.

The winning mini though will definitely get made this Summer, keep an eye on Kev's page for the WIPs of his Challenge minis and to get your opinion in while they are still wet.
Right, did I mention Kevgasms? I believe I did! ...
Resin Master - Dynamic Lenore
Lenore, The Enchantress of Evermore, a mysterious sorceress from the fabled Nor'western city. Clad in a full length robe, full length dress and thigh high boots. Seen here in a far less serene pose than hernormal nature, mid-casting and all fired up.

This is one of Kev's Challenge Minis that 'was' supposed to be a palette cleanser but he liked the idea enough to bust it out pretty much immediately. He did it so fast we never ended up with any skyclad versions so that's on the possible future list as well.
I don't think we can complain too much though, it did turn out pretty frikkin' awesome :)
Resin Master - Haleth
Haleth is a 'shieldmaiden', from the cold North. A viking-type with a penchant for axes and a bloody big shield.

She's one half of a pair from the Super Summer Challenge, with her husband mid-green on Kev's desk right now.  In a reversal of the usual tropes, which we love to do here, Haleth is the one in full battle mode while her hubby is more of the 'posing and watching his wife kick some butt' variety :)

(If you're very nice, there is a small possibility that once her husband is finished I will be able to throw in an extra bribe and get an action version of him too, we'll see)
Mission Improbable - Bring on the Spies!
An unlikely group of International Men (and Woman) of Mystery. A British MI6 agent, an American CIA Agent and two Agents of an unaffiliated agency. Brought together for the mission of a lifetime!
(Technically it's only 4 Agents, as there are 2 variants of Jason Shaw, but there's nothing stopping you painting them differently and using them all together!)
(Painted versions by Stone Cold Lead)
Available here as a multipack with a hefty discount or available individually below ...
Maya, Foxy Retro Spy
Maya is one of our anachronistic spy outfit from around the world. A tough, no-nonsense, woman favouring the mini dress and automatic weapons, in this case a brace of Tec-9s.
Perpetually annoyed by the antics of her male companionss, she nonetheless more than holds her own and is probably the de-facto leader of the group.
(Painted versions by Stone Cold Lead)
Jason Shaw, Action Packed Spymaster
'Jason Shaw' is one of the world's best spies, Maya's erstwhile partner and probably not his real name. Armed here with twin Tec-9s and holstered pistols, Jason is shown mid firefight on a mission.

There are two 'Jason Shaw's, the first is one of the most dangerous men in the world, a dynamic action-packed spy machine. The other...
(Painted versions by Stone Cold Lead)
Jashun Shaw, Drunken Idiot
Jashun Shaw, Drunken Idiot
... is a slurring, just as dangerous but far more reckless, functional alcoholic.

The other side of the 'gentleman spy', 'Jashun' is named both as a joke on the slurred speech of drunks and as a nod to the, we assume, not-drunk speech of Connery :)
(Painted versions by Stone Cold Lead)
Donnie, Agent out of Time
Donnie is the kind of reliable CIA Agent always assigned to time sensitive missions. Never seen without his incredibly accurate watch, he also sports a pretty large handcannon for emergencies!
(Yes, it's an old release, but we had a great new paintjob done byStone Cold Lead Figure Painting for the Mission Improbable pack so thought we'd show it off. Plus I 'love' the sculpted drapery on this mini, that shirt is just perfect! Don't tell Kev I said so, he gets a big head)
Codename : Alexander
Straight out of the British Secret Service we have the MI6 Operative with the Codename: Alexander. Armed with his favourite concealable pistol and dressed for success.
We cannot confirm or deny that he looks a fair bit like Prince Charles, much like we cannot confirm or deny that his Royal Mumness is over there. Now if we can just get Kev to sculpt us an old posh guy who doesn't care if he insults people and is just fifty shades of awesome then we're on our way to a set :D

(Like Donnie, an older release, but also like Donnie, a nice new paintjob from Stone Cold Lead and image to go with the MI set)
Paint Restock & New Colours
Paints made the top of the restocking list :)

While we were getting back in all of your favourite existing ones we also took the opportunity to get in the rest of the colours that we hadn't yet stocked, so now we have everything that CDA makes, which is a 'lot' :)

They've proven quite popular amongst you guys, so much so we might start expanding our painting range and stock some brushes or even a second paint line. Let us know via our FB page if you'd be interested in that?
Gourmet Snacks Restock and New Goodie
Well that was a nice surprise, not only was our, admittedly odd, addition of Gourmet Gaming Snacks well received but we quickly sold out of some of the more popular ones!

As they are batch-made by hand then it's not quite as easy to restock as miniatures but we have managed to replenish the incredibly popular 'Boozy Marzipans' and also throw in a couple of new products.

A Spiced Mead boozy marzipan. (I have to be honest,  if you aren't a fan of cinammon or that particular 'spiced' taste then this isn't for you, if you are, howeve,r then this is amazing for you :D )

*ahem* Chocolate Salty Balls - A quite odd snack consisting of chocolate, home-made peanut butter, fruit, oats and chilli rolled balls. Much like the marmite jerky, opinion here via taste test has either been love or hate. They do have chilli in remember so have a slight kick :)

All our Gourmet Gaming Snacks are made locally and, as good timing would have it, our restock came at the same time as...
Snack Kickstarter
... the company who makes them is running a Kickstarter.

I have procured a pot of the fabled Bacon Jam for Kev, he will be receiving that shortly (Which I haven't told him, so we'll see if he's reading this).

See if you fancy anything they have on offer?
And Finally...
As mentioned above, we are super busy right now, so if we've missed an email or a message from you then please feel free to resend, we won't mind :)  We are desperately playing catch up after the time taken to sort out the website hack attempt and then to upgrade security to avoid any future issues.

We have more new metal in 2 weeks, and more 2 weeks after that, these are moulded already so barring any more disasters or annoyances we are back on track with metal releases. We need to be Kev is knocking them out right now and we need to catch back up! :)

The positive side of being behind in metal moulding is that Kev will be able to take some time off to 'just' play about with the giant toy we bought him for digital scupting. Poor guy has a gigantic 24" £3000 tablet sat in his room and he has to sit next to it every day and play with putty. So, in a couple months expect Kev's page to start having weird 2d drawings on it as well as lil green and grey people :)

Right, can't waffle any mroe sorry, time to get back to the grindstone!

'Til next time,

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