Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Prodos Games Newsletter

Some new releases and show news from Prodos Games...

Welcome to another Prodos Games Newsletter!
We've had an incredibly busy month this month and in our mad rush, realised that we have not yet loaded up two of our Warzone Resurrection new releases. So here they are, available from our website or your FLGS now!

Firstly, the much awaited Praetorian Goliath for the Dark Legion, assisted by 'The Imp', this pair of Praetorian Stalkers are a must have for any Dark Legion player. This character is an upgrade for any squad of Praetorian Stalkers and gives them some fantastic extra abilities in the game. The full rules for this pack of models can be found in the 'Heroes of the Solar System' PDF available in the Downloads section of our website for free!

You can find the Praetorian Goliath on our website HERE

Next up are the Imperial Life Dragoons. Another release for the ever-popular Imperial Corporation, this time Her Imperial Serenity's personal bodyguards, the Life Dragoons. Also known as the 'Young Guard', Life Dragoons are an elite squadron, armed up to the teeth with the best infantry-equipment that the corporation has to offer. Download our Imperial Corporation PDF for free to discover more about the ins and outs of this characterful squad of models.
The AvP: The Hunt Begins Boardgame rules are now available in a downloable PDF 
Finally, we have a few Shows that we will be attending over the next few months. Please look out for Prodos Games at the following events: 
Dragondaze – Newport, South Wales, UK - September
Derby World Wargames – Donington, UK - October
SPIEL Essen – Essen, Germany - October
Crisis – Antwerp, Belgium - October
Hereward Wargames Show – Peterborough, UK – November
Dragonmeet – London, UK - December

Many thanks again!
Prodos Games LTD

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