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The Fall of Ironhold

Over the centuries, countless warriors and battle kings have fallen before the Undead Legions of Mhorgoth the Faceless, but perhaps none has been lamented more than the famed Dwarf hero King Thorrick Rockfist of the Free Clans, who fell during the Battle of Ironhold Bridge. His death occurred at the climax of the decisive battle in a war that was waged for almost two hundred years, mostly fought deep underground, far beneath the Ice Peak mountains.

For almost two centuries King Thorrick Rockfist held back the relentless advance of the Mhorgoth’s Undead legions. He was an inspiration to his people, a tireless and brilliant strategist who fought always in the front line of battle. He slew two of Mhorgoth’s chief lieutenants in personal combat – Azaroth the Black and the Lamenter – and won the decisive battle of Deep Chasm after fighting without rest for three solid days.
Enraged by the doughty mountain-folk who bared his advance into the Eastern Reaches, Mhorgoth threw his Legions against Thorrick time and again, slowly wearing down the Dwarf armies over the passing centuries through attrition. The final, climactic battle took place at the very gates of the mountain king’s subterranean city, upon the titanic Ironhold Bridge.

Ten-thousand Undead marched across the bridge to meet the battle king’s royal guard, and Mhorgoth himself stalked forward in the centre of the legions, determined to see the mountain king fall. Thousands of the living dead were destroyed as war machines and missile fire tore through their ranks, but so great was Mhorgoth’s power, enhanced by the Blood Stones that he had uncovered in the Deepening Paths, that the Undead rose again as quickly as they were destroyed.

The two armies clashed in the centre of the bridge, while superheated lava flowed hundreds of feet below. The armoured Revenant elite of the Mhorgoth’s force – the Immortals – were at the forefront of the battle, and they hammered at the Dwarf shield wall, hatred burning coldly in their hollow chests. And while few Dwarfs fell in those first hours of battle, every Dwarf lost was a cause of great mourning. Fuelled by hatred and uncaring of the losses his army was suffering, the dread Necromaner drove his forces against the Dwarf king again and again, all the while weathering the storm of missile fire that pummelled his army from the Dwarf city’s great walls... 

NEXT WEEK: The Undead and Dwarfs go to war...
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