Friday, 28 August 2015

Warlord Games Newsletter

It must be Friday...time for Warlord Games's end of week article round-up...
Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this week's releases and other wargaming product news.

The Eagle Has Landed

New Themed Set: A top secret mission to kidnap Churchill, could it have changed the outcome of World War II?

With the upcoming release of our new plastic Fallschirmjӓger, and this being a Bank holiday weekend, what better film to inspire us than the 1976 World War II movie classic "The Eagle Has Landed". View Article

Concord C3 Drop Squad

Pre Order: Powering in from above, ahead of the launch of the Beyond the Gates of Antares boxed game.

The fearsome and well armed Concord C3 Drop Squad, the elite units of the Concord Combined Command! View Article


Legends of Great Britain - Flying Officer CFC Lee

View Article


Napoleonics Build an Army for British, Russian, & French

View Article


Laffly S20 with Infantry options

View Article

Upcoming Events


Warlord Day of Gaming @ Sanctuary Gaming Centre Sutton-in-Ashfield


Border Reiver, Gateshead


The Other Partizan, Newark

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Terminator game & mat for FREE during September

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Army Painter Warpaints Set Quickshade Ink

View Article
The Warlord Games webstore has thousands of historical and sci-fi miniatures just waiting to be deployed onto your battlefield!

You'll also find all the paints and tools you need to get your new models ready for action, plus rulebooks and dice for our various game systems.

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