Friday, 7 August 2015

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I Smell A Rat

Kings of War 2nd Edition includes eleven Force Lists - all the major factions found in Mantica - so far ;) – but there are many more minor races, clans and warbands that go to war. We will be printing a book later in the year that will focus in on a number of these armies – and maybe introducing a few new ones!!

To get your juices flowing let’s have a look at the Ratkin, and because we’ve been told some of you want to play a verminous army in Kings of War, we have got the Ratkin playtest list for the upcoming expansion book available to download from the Mantic Website!

Get your free copy here, and find out more about the new book on the Blog.

Forces of Mantica

Following the Elves and Abyssal Dwarfs last month, the forces of the Dwarfs and Undead rise to do battle in August, with refreshed army sets to get you started and new reinforcements to grow your collection
Head on over to the Mantic Website to see more.

These sets are now available to pre-order and will hit the shelves of your friendly local gaming store at the end of the month.

And finally...

What's in the Box is back! Check out last month's Abyssal Dwarf new releases - including the mighty Greater Obsidian Golem - in this unboxing video with the Mantic Insider.
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