Saturday, 29 August 2015

Mantic Games Newsletter

I'm not sure how useful a newsletter is that tells you they've run out of everything, lol. More is incoming though...

Kings of War is OUT OF STOCK!
The demand for Kings of War has been unprecedented and we have burned through all of our web and retailer allocation of the Kings of War 2nd Edition rulebooks, Counter Sets, Damage Trackers and a number of army sets.
We are getting more in very soon, and the items currently out of stock will remain on pre-order. Be first in line to get them as soon as they arrive, pre-order your Kings of War 2nd Edition rulebook here.


The Clash of Kings Open Final has now hit over 30 participants, surely making it the most well-attended Kings of War Tournament ever! If you want to play in the first Mantic tournament to use the 2nd Edition rules, you can get your ticket here.

UK Events Calendar:

Dungeon Saga Week comes to a close!

Catch up with anything you missed:
Dungeon Saga: Unboxing The Dungeon Delve!
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