Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sunday Round-Up

Haven't done a 'Sunday Round-up' for ages it seems...

Spare time is a particular problem for me at the moment as work and real life commitments mean that the hobby time I do have seems to be spent desperately trying to catch up with assembly projects, sorting through Kickstarters I received months ago and haven't done anything with or procrastinating frantically...

However I have been productive (albeit in a minor way) this week in the areas of 'assembling' and 'Kickstarters' by assembling the two Carnevale Starter sets I acquired via their a Kickstarter. These were The Strigoi and the Vatican Forces...

I also wrote up the latest of our Iron Kingdoms RPG sessions which was so involved that I had to spread it over two articles here and then here.

The various link tabs and malifaux project tabs are embarrassingly out of date at this point so I might actually spend some of next weekend just sorting them out. Also next week (time permitting) there will be a Malifaux unboxing or three,,,

...the models are assembled but need photographing and then inserting into appropriate blog articles but I really want to get them done and posted next week...even if I have to swap 'sleeping' for the time to do so, lol.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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