Monday, 31 August 2015

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

More new releases from Hasslefree Miniatures...

A Busy End to the Summer!
We managed it, 2 metal releases in a month! :) More metals are at the casters so we have a possibility of making it 2 months in a row, it's all very exciting!
As busy as August was, September looks to be moreso. Jenn and I are taking some time off in October to visit her family back in the States so we need to get everything we can sorted and released before then. That includes any retail expansions we have coming up, but more on that in next week's non-HF newsletter :)

Right, on with this week's Kevgasms...
Resin Master - Ulfred
Ulfred is a warrior from the cold North. Armed with a simple axe and sword he is seen here silently watching his wife Haleth kick some arse.
There is a distinct possibility of a third Viking to join the team. Unsure yet whether it will be a more dynamic version of Ulfred or one of his family members. Expect a male viking swinging something about though! :)
Resin Master - Pilot Hannah
Hannah is an old friend of Vic's.  A smuggler and pilot she is a woman not to be crossed, she will shoot first.
What? She will! That's a thing people say!
Resin Master - Ryan
Ryan is an eccentric and dangerous mercenary. He regularly partners with Rowen and operates in the same circles as Ekaterina. Armed with twin MP5Ks and seen here mid firefight with his flamboyant shooting style.
Resin Master - Panda
The mysterious companion to our family of Mystic Warriors, named for his incredibly misleading appearance, Panda.
This is a special one-piece resin version of Panda. Kev decided it needed to exist and who am I to argue with that :)
Resin Master - Jakevim Skyclad
Jakevim is the husband of Yllsa. Seen here in younger, more carefree, days, is Jakevim before he was either a swine or opinionated.  Enjoying a relaxing day in the dry heat along the cliffs of the Tana coast.
Matt Dixon - Patreon
Before we move on to the metal releases, considering what they are this week, this seems a good time for a quick interlude.

Matt Dixon, as many of you will know, is an excellent artist particularly known for pin-up style art. He is also the artist behind Boudi, the mascot of the Diceni trade show that we have the honour to bring to life with each new incarnation.
Recently Matt was diagnosed with a condition that threatens his eyesight. As such he has moved to try and spend as much time as he can on personal projects. To help with this he has set up a Patreon page. If any of you are aware of Patreon and were thinking of choosing someone to sponsor then Matt is an excellent candidate :)

You could also purchase something from his store over here.

Thanks for listening, now let's see why that was particularly appropriate :)
Steampunk Boudi, Diceni Mascot 2015
Say hello to 'Steampunk Boudi, the newest variant of the anachronistic heroine. Based on exclusive Matt Dixon art created for the 2015 Diceni trade show, this is the 'regular' version complete with steampunk blunderbuss, goggles and a mini skirt.
Painted by the excellent Scott Hockley
Steampunk Boudi, Wild West Variant
While Kev was making Steampunk Boudi he had a couple of his own ideas for a variant, so he had her cast up partly made and then decided to make her a little more 'Wild Westy' (that's totally a real phrase).  Decked out in a huge frillly half-skirt and a long barreled rifle.
Crazy Gordon, Angry Goblin Chef
Gordon was just a regular goblin chef until one too many of his assistants made cold mash or rubber scallops or whatever it is that goblins eat. Something in him snapped and now he fights alongside the goblin horde swinging a pot of boiling stew around his head!
Etched Brass restock
A big Foliage etched brass restock is in, so if you were desperate for some bracken or banana leaves, and let's face it who isn't sometimes, then you can now fill your boots!
Plastic Bases restock
Huge base restock in, including flying stands and silver hex bases. We should now be in good stock of all plastic bases that we sell.
And FInally...
There's some photos of the new minigun WIP over on Kev's artist page. We shall be coaxing him to give the minigunner a nice dynamic ammo belt, he probably doesn't know that yet :)
Next week's newsletter will be non-HF. More Red Box news and the second of the retail expansion lines!
For the dog lovers amongst you, Sal has just started a fundraising campaign for one of the dogs in her care.
Metal; restocks are due in sometime this week, we won't be able to mention it in a newsletter until the one after next so make sure to keep an eye on our FB page for such things.

I think that's it, time for some Sunday night relaxation!
'til next time,

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