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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some more interesting releases from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Woohoo, We Made it!
Finally, we have weathered the various storms that come with small business, some hacking, a water leak, a few supply issues etc. and can move onwards and upwards!

Our biggest priority is the return of Artemis Black's. The combining of the two businesses earlier this year has so far been very one-sided, so it's time for AB to start holding up it's end :)
Down below the initial Kevgasms you will see the first step down that road with the coming of Red Box Games to HF and AB. The next step will be in 2 weeks time and then every 2 weeks permanently. We'll be alternating newsletters between Kev-related awesomeness and AB related awesomeness. Awesomeness overload!
Right, without further ado, the last of the mixed newsletters can begin...
Resin Master - Yllsa the Believable
The long-suffering partner of Jakevim the Swine, Yllsa is known for two things; the first, being able to smack the bejeezus out of you and the second being particularly forthright. Attired here for the summer at their home on the border of Tana, and carrying her very large rune-axe.
The couple's nicknames are pretty representative of their personalities, best not to ask Jakevim about it though, he gets quite ... opinionated.
This mini was Kev's actual palette cleanser during his Summer Challenge, as he knocked out Dynamic Lenore in the first week! :) It is the start of an updated line of minis representing the White Family in one of our settings, this time Southern Barbarians. Due to the update, Kev has decided that they wanted some new names, so Yllsa and Jakevim it is.
Resin Master - Yllsa Skyclad
Yllsa, shown here in the younger, more carefree, days of her and Jakevim's life together. Days spent naked along the Tana coast have somewhat disappeared wih the coming of a gaggle of barbarian younglings and an ever-more-violent world.
Every few minis, Kev makes a dolly that is way too close to being a full miniature and then gets bothered by me to finish that last, annoying, 10%.  Thankfully for you guys, I win a few of those discussions and we get finished nudes to add to our harem collection.
(And for all you admirers of short, bald, men out there, Jakevim Skyclad will be next :D )
Resin Master - Lenore Skyclad
Lenore is seen here as a younger woman, during her dabbling with the White Witches. Skyclad during a particular ritual and showing that even spellcasters need to keep themselves hale and hearty!
I managed to win 2 of the discussions this time around, although it probably helped I'd put an extra question mark on the cork and threw in some cider ;)
Red Box is Coming!
Red Box Games is the personal line of the incredibly talented Tre Manor. As well as being one of the best fantasy sculptors in the world he's also a personal friend of the entire HF family, in fact we might even consider him family. Like a weird cousin who's about 80% beard :D
Hasslefree & Artemis Black's are proud to be the new and exclusive European distributor for the entire line. We'll be working with Tre to bring you all new images and if we're very lucky resurrecting some of Tre's discontinued minis and even some resin masters!
The full launch will be next newsleter, but we teased it on our Facebook page this week and it had a great reaction so we're soft launching it throughout the week for those of you who already know the line and know what you want.
Basically we'll be adding the listings to the website race-by-race and uploading images as we go. So every day you log into the site there should be more and more Red Box goodies awaiting your perusal. Hopefully, by next Sunday, it'll be finished :)

(The wonderful paintjobs in the ad above are by Roman 'Jarhead' Lappat and Dead Fish Painting)
Gormet Snack - Chocolate Habanero Jerky
Another variation of our increasingly popular Gourmet Gaming Snacks, this time a delightful Chocolate Chilli Beef Jerky.

We're just awaiting a new round of products from the chef and we're hoping to bring more (and restock some of the sold out flavours) in 2 weeks time..
Their Kickstarter, that I mentioned last week, still has a week to go for those of you who missed it (Judging by the daily jump, it seems a fair few of you didn't miss it and really like the idea of Bacon and Bourbon Jam! :) )
Metal Restocks
A round of restocks came in this week including...
Also not shown that came back in...
I think that's it.  If you were waiting for something best to check again in case I missed it off the list.
Also if you are waiting for something that is still out of stock feel free to use this FB thread to ask why and I'll give you a reason and a rough restock time guess!

(Kev has also taken great delight in pointing out the mini-gun is upside down, both in the pic and on the website. I know I could have just fixed it instead but I thought I'd let him have a bit more pleasure before pretending that never happened ;) )

(Paintjobs by Ana, Nicolas 'superglue' Deschuytter, Stone Cold Lead, and Paul 'berlintuesday' Ashby)
And Finally...
Uhm, not much :) We'll be busy as all get out for the next week making sure we get the all new images done for the Red Box line. We'll be updating our FB page as we go, so keep checking in if there's something you are waiting for!
Kev is still working through his Super Summer Challenge minis and last I checked had mostly finished Haleth's Viking companion, so go have a nose over there to get a sneak preview of everything before it makes it to us!
And that's it, 'til next time,

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