Thursday, 13 August 2015

Unboxing Carnevale - Vatican Starter Set

One of my many Kickstarter pledges over the last year or so was one for Carnevale, The Narrative Miniatures Game. Or more accurately for the aforementioned game to fund two new factions namely The Strigoi and The Vatican. As with all such things I took pictures of everything as I went along and we'll have a look at the rulebook and other bits and pieces at a later date. For now however lets have a look at the starter set models.

As these were part of a Kickstarter they came 'as-is' rather than in a box of any kind but I'm guessing that should you buy them retail they'll be in an attractive container of some description...

First some background...

The Rent in the Sky devastated Italy, destroying the land and cutting it in half. Rome is just a memory now sunk below the waters of the Mediterranean. One of the few survivors was the Cardinal Gerdil, who interrogated the Harbinger and ran away with the secret knowledge of magic. He managed to become Pope of the catholic church, and stablished the Vatican in Avignon, France. But there's someone else with access to that power, the Cardinal Antonelli who ran away with a copy of the notes from the interview with the Harbinger and is now hidden in Venice. Using the masquerade of a crusade against the Gifted and the debauchery unleashed in the capital of the Venetian Empire, the new Pope sent his troops there in order to gain control of one of the few countries in the rising after the Rent in the Sky catastrophe.

You can download their rules here in ENGLISH and in SPANISH.

The Vatican
And now onto the models themselves...Each model will be shown in it's unassembled state with pictures of both sides of the parts and then assembled with front, rear and side views of each. I put the models on the base inserts that came with the Kickstarter so the tab that normally goes into the slot on bases was removed from those models that had them.


I had to do a tiny bit of filing on the arms to get them to fit flush but that's pretty common with metal models.


The axe lines up as if he's patting his hand with it rather than gripping the handle just in case you haven't seen the assembled pics. The sword fits into a specific recess on the leg but could be put elsewhere if you don't mind a bit of filling and filing.

Cross Bearing Deacon

The staff has both hands attached to it so these need to be aligned with the model. You may need to twist the staff slightly to get them to gentle though as it's quite thin.

There are two of these though their poses are different.

For some reason the top part of the cross in his right hand is a separate piece...either that or the one on my model had feel off, lol.

It's a single piece model so there's no assembly issues though there may be some moulding flash on the cross to remove.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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