Monday, 1 February 2016

Black Library Newsletter - Wardens of the Everqueen

Some new reading material from the Black Library...

Pick up the Limited Edition
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The Realmgate Wars continue in a brand new novel. 'Guardians of the Everqueen', by veteran Warhammer author C L Werner, takes the War of Life to the next level. The forces battling in the Realm of Ghyran expand, and the mightiest heroes of the Age of Sigmar – the Celestant-Prime and Archaon himself – join the conflict...

This deluxe hardback, with a soft touch cover and internal artwork, matches the previous Exclusive Editions in the series. There are only 500 copies of this version available, so don't delay if you want to continue your collection.
More formats to choose from
The Realmgate wars, your way
You can also get the new novel in hardback, eBook and MP3 audiobook formats, so whether you want to curl up with the book (and a cup of tea), read it on your tablet on the go, or immerse yourself in the story while you paint, there's a version for you.

Loyalty is not all black and white*
(*though this graphic novel is)
A classic tale of treachery
in a new hardback edition

Back in the 41st millennium, there's a brand new edition of a classic graphic novel, as Inquisitor Ascendant comes to hardback. This tale sees mystery, betrayal and sacrifice: everything you could ask for in a tale of the Emperor's Inquisition.

By Dan Abnett, Simon Coleby and Jim Brady

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