Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Beyond the Gates of Antares Newsletter

Some fiction for Beyond the Gates of Antares from Warlord Games...

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Antares Fiction - 'A Curious World' by Tim Bancroft

Today we dive back into the Antarean universe head-first with another excerpt of fiction from the mind of Tim Bancroft - this time, in two sections... the Algoryn get a nasty surprise, while the Ghar leader Shaltok takes his first tentative steps onto a curious world – so let’s take a look!
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More Antarean tales coming...

We also have news of an exciting collaboration with Winged Hussar Publications
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Finally for today, we have another update from the Warlord design studio - keeping you up-to-date with the latest work from the sculptors, painters, writers and brains behind Beyond the Gates of Antares - click here to take a look!


Contents of the the Launch Edition starter boxed game are as follows...
  • Full colour 260-page hardback rulebook.
  • Quick reference sheet.
  • Getting started booklet.
  • 3 multi-pose plastic Ghar Battle Squad walkers.
  • 3 multi pose plastic Ghar Assault Squad walkers.
  • 20 multi-pose plastic Concord Strike Troopers.
  • 4 plastic Concord support drones.
  • 8 plastic spotter drones.
  • Strike Leader Kai Lek Atastrin metal figure.
  • 12 order dice.
  • Ghar distort dice.
  • 13 Polyhedral dice.
  • Launch Edition plastic templates and tokens.
  • 12 red plastic pin markers.
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