Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Beyond the Gates of Antares Newsletter

Some new 'Beyond the Gates of Antares' news from Warlord Games...

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Big news this week on a number of fronts - with a brand new faction now available to pre-order, and a rather exciting update from the Warlord studio from over in the Facebook group.


Ever since we first previewed the Isorians a few years ago now, we've been inundated by regular requests to have them released and into the eager hands of the community...

Today is that day... the 'Isorian Skirmish Force' is now available to pre-order - and is your first chance to get your hands on the sixth faction from Beyond the Gates of Antares – so let’s take a look!
Read the article by clicking here...
Warlord Studio Update

Wojtek is finishing off the Boromite Guildess character (as well as something a little larger, shown above - and recently shown in it's entirity over in the Facebook Group) and is now starting work on an all-new troop type for Isorians.

Russ continues to work on the army list that shall not be mentioned. First models are already completed and going through the mastering process. He's finished compression cannon and fractal cannon upgrades for the C3 support drone. Russ may, or may not be developing new special characters for the Isorians and for the Algoryn.

Andres has almost finished painting the Ghar Attack Scutters. His brushes weave a merry dance over the Boromite Rock Riders has he prepares to spend some time building terrain we can use in photography in the supplement.

New brushwoman, Kirsten, has pretty much finished painting Amano Harran. Next up for her - Doctor Who models.

Anna has completed the scenario maps and diagrams for the new supplement and is about to start work on the layout as that nice Mr Priestley has delivered the first three sections!

Me? Nothing special really. Just test building the first test shots of the plastic C3M4 combat drone today...
...Did someone mention sprues of a plastic C3M4 Combat Drone?!


If you're new to Beyond the Gates of Antares, and you're interested in collecting an Isorian force, look no further...

We've specifically designed the Isorian Skirmish Force to offer a solid core force from which you can expand - we've suggested an Army List around the 500pt mark which can be built - however, you can of course play around with additional equipment and Army Options - or could even experiment with fielding smaller squads... so there is plenty of scope for personalisation and list tweaking...

This Army Deal contains;
  • 1 x Senatex Command Squad
  • 2 x Senatex Phase Squads
  • 1 x Senatex Support Team with X-Launcher
  • 1 x Nhamak SC Light Support Drone armed with Plasma Light Support
Order now
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