Thursday, 10 March 2016

'Infernal' Kickstarter - Tortured Souls Unboxing

Some time ago while at the Salute event in London I had a demo of a game that I was told would soon be making it's way to Kickstarter courtesy of a company called Wartorn Games named Infernal.

The game itself had some interesting mechanics and the models (early versions at that stage) were very interesting so I decided to go for it. Unfortunately they only managed to fund two of the four factions they had planned but hopefully the game will pick up enough in popularity to make those missing forces a reality at a later date...

The rules and cards are available as pdfs so I'm afraid I can't show you pics of them like I normally would with this kind of feature so you'll have to make do with just the models. I'll cover the other currently available faction 'The Dagger Teams' in their own article we'll look at the Tortured Souls...

Tortured Souls

The models themselves are resin and require a bit of very minor clean-up and the occasional repositioning of things such as gun barrels (there's a couple of thin ones on the Dagger Team models) that have a tendency to get a bit bent.

Each of the main enemies in the Tortured Souls faction comes with a 'Host' form and a 'True' form and we'll look at those first. 

Dr Goodall AKA Black Death


Miss Neith AKA Spiderbitch




If any of those interest you then the original Kickstarter page can be found here and the updates there contain plenty of background information as well.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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