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Warpath Universe
The galaxy is a dangerous place. From the brutal pitches of the DreadBall Leagues to the war torn Battlezones of the Frontier, everything is up for the taking.
Within the GCPS, whole planets are sold, annexed or stripped to feed humanity’s vast greed. The Forge Fathers implacably stand against them, fighting for resources and wealth. The mysterious Asterians, fight for their own shadowy agenda. 

Threats long ignored, the terrifying Plague or the insidious Veermyn, strike civilised worlds. Deadzones – enacted by the ruthless Enforcers, quarantine these threats from the rest of humanity.

So what are you waiting for – the galaxy could be yours!

Warpath Playtest is up and running

The Warpath Universe has been long in the making. From the early Forge Father and Marauder concepts of 2011, to the bright lights of DreadBall and the insidious Deadzones, we’ve been steadily building an evocative sci-fi world for you to game in.
2016 is the year where the Warpath Universe will really come into it’s own.Containment Protocol is about to come into effect once again, and we’re looking foryour help playtesting the Warpath games to ensure that they are fun, balanced and something you want to play.
The Warpath Structured Playtest is now on. Every two weeks on a Monday, starting from the 14th March, an update will be made based on your feedback alongside a change log. We'll be playtesting throughout March and April so what are you waiting?

Get out there and start playing some games and let us know how they go!
Warpath – the mass-battle sci-fi game:
Warpath Firefight
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Digital Spotlight: Containment Protocols - A Deadzone Anthology
Deadzone is the kind of game that invites stories. It’s tight focus on one small corner of the Warpath universe means that it invites narrative about the various factions and their heroes.

What we have here are ten examples of those stories, chronicling the adventures of various factions. As the game inspires stories, you will find that these stories inspire your games. That’s what the best games are about after all.

Explore Deadzone and the stories within. Containment Protocols is available through Mantic Digital for most digital devices.

Also in the Mantic Universe:

Kings of War Q+A Updated
To keep your battles raging, the Kings of War Rules Committee have updated the FAQ for the game, handily marking in red what changes have been made – part of our pledge to keep Kings of War fun, balanced and supported in clubs and retail stores.
The Abyss has opened and the demonic legions of the Wicked Ones march across the mortal world! The Forces of the Abyss are here, with hordes of infernal Abyssals available for you to command and conquer the world.

Download your free Kings of War Forces of the Abyss Starter List!
Sneak Peek: Forces of Nature Centaurs
Straight from the sculptor's desk are these Centaurs - one of two variants. Let us know what you think.
Led by the mysterious Druids, the Forces of Nature are comprised of various wild creatures, including the water-dwelling Naiads, fire-blooded Salamanders and noble Centaurs.

Download your free Kings of War Forces of Nature Starter Army List!
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