Saturday, 12 March 2016

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Some Dungeon Saga news from Mantic Games...

//Containment Protocol Established;
Dare you venture into the Abyss?
The Infernal Crypts begins a new phase for Dungeon Saga. It starts a whole new story arc - using lots of the parts from your original boxed game - and a whole heap of new content included in this box (including the marvellous new Abyssals).
You need the original Dungeon Saga Games (but nothing else) to play this expansion.

It pits 4 valiant heroes ( 2 entirely new!) against the demonic denizens of the Abyss. These red-skinned devils are controlled by a new overlord - Drech'Nok, the Destroyer. As the heroes descend into the fires of the Abyss, they soon learn that their foes are not to be trifled with...
The Infernal Crypts is the new Expansion Set for Dungeon Saga. Adding on the to the contents of the core game, this adventure sees your heroes fight through fire and brimstone, into the heart of the Abyss itself...
Take a look inside the Infernal Crypts with our new Unboxing video!
Dave's Pick - Legendary Heroes of the Crypts
"The 'uber' versions of the new heroes form Dungeon Saga, these two are fantastic centerpieces to paint. Personally, I'm going to be using them as heroes in Kings of War. Venetia is Basilean Abbess, whilst Arianya will make a beautiful Naiad Stalker. Now, if only we made some Naiads to go with her...;)"
New reinforcements for Kings of War!
There's something fantastic about putting a story or theme to your army. Perhaps your army is a horde of monstrous beasts who dwell in near-by caves or an all-cavalry vanguard force for a larger Elf contingent. That story makes your models personal to you and the theme makes for some great modelling opportunities.

With that in mind, there are four themed forces for you to choose from and each includes one of the new Kings of War units out this month. They also happen to work out as full 500 point Kings of War armies and save your around 20% offpurchasing the contents separately - giving you some extra hobby budget to maybe get a second one!
Through barbed lash and barked command, the Abyssal Dwarf Slaves of Zarak overwhelm their opponents through numbers. Halfbreeds are also put under the charge of the Slave Drivers - their devolved nature making the difficult to control on the battlefield.
Across Mantica every tomb, crypt, catacomb and graveyard plays host to horrific creatures. On the dark, cold nights, inhuman howls and screams echo throughout these forsaken places as the Monsters of the Crypts stalk forth, hungry for Flesh.
If you're looking at getting started with a new force, or simply as a bolt-on to an existing army, these simple one-click sets are great additions to your collection.

And if you like them, we'll keep doing more of them.
Intrepid Adventurers march forth soon. What can they be up to? Stay Tuned!
The Infernal Crypts and fantastic new Army Bundles are available for pre-order from all good hobby retailers and our webstore! They will begin shipping at the end of March.
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