Saturday, 5 March 2016

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Some new Kings of War releases from Mantic Games...

//Containment Protocol Established;
As Mantica descends into war, powerful warriors enter the fold...
Lykanis stalk from their dank lairs to hunt once more. Cruel Slavedrivers lead armies of unfortunates to their deaths, while Wights rise to once more reclaim their legends. Troll Bruisers muster their foul hordes under the sharp watch of Silverbreeze Cavalry, roaming the wilderness.

Horns sound, armies march and the world plunges into a new age of war...
The terrifying Lykanis is a monstrous hero for the Undead. Towering over the werewolves he leads and bulging with unnatual musculature, he is a powerful beast for any Undead force.
The Abyssal Dwarf Slavedriver 'inspires' his charges to fight harder against his enemies. Each crack of the lash and barked command fuels the slaughter.
Bruisers are the biggest and meanest of their kind, employed by Orc armies to keep their lesser kin in check during battle, as well as for their own fearsome qualities.

Reinforcements for your army are at hand!

There's something fantastic about putting a story or theme to your army. Perhaps your army is a horde of monstrous beasts who dwell in near-by caves or an all-cavalry vanguard force for a larger Elf contingent. That story makes your models personal to you and the theme makes for some great modelling opportunities.

With that in mind, there are four themed forces for you to choose from and each includes one of the new Kings of War units out this month. They also happen to work out as full 500 point Kings of War armies and save your around 20% offpurchasing the contents separately - giving you some extra hobby budget to maybe get a second one!
Dave's Pick - Kindred Riders
"The new army bundles are built around themes - for example, who doesn't love an all cavalry army? With super-high speed to outrun any foe and and the welcome return of the mounted Elf Mage model, I can't wait to get one of these for myself and run rings around Ronnie's Dwarfs!"
Swift and sure, the Silverbreeze Cavalryattack their enemies with precise fire from their bows, before darting back into cover.
The ground trembles beneath the massed hooves of the Kindred Riders. Mounted atop swift Elven steeds, Stromwind Cavalry charge with cover fire from Mages and Silverbreeze.
Ancient heroes, unnaturally raised and fueled by the power of their own legendary deeds, the Wights are soaked in the blood of thousands.
Led by the heroes of old, the Soulblightmarches fourth. The dread power of the Wights is devastating alongside legions of Revenants and Vampires.
If you're looking at getting started with a new force, or simply as a bolt-on to an existing army, these simple one-click sets are great additions to your collection.

And if you like them, we'll keep doing more of them.
These reinforcements - including the Troll Bruiser and Lykanis - are available for pre-order from all good hobby retailers and our webstore! They will begin shipping at the end of March.
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