Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Secret Weapon Miniatures - New Releases

Some new releases from the people at Secret Weapon Miniatures...

Greetings again fans, friends, and customers!

This month I am very excited to show you the new "Ironsides Objectives," sculpted by the talented Dave Taylor, and usable as both 40mm and 50mm objectives -- with a dash of steam, a bit of iron, and a lot of class!
Of course we're also still filling in the gaps in existing lines, with more 32mm and "Knight" sized beveled bases -- and a new 80mm round lip Trench Works which is now one of my favorite sculpts.
These are all in stock, and shipping now -- and of course we'll have a stock of them at Adepticon later this month. Stay tuned for more...

Happy hobbying,

Justin 'misterjustin' McCoy
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