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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some new releases from the guys and gals at Hasslefree Miniatures...

Calm Before the Storm!
Next week's newsletter will be all about Salute, and then so will the next 2, and then there'll be Salute and then there'll be Salute cleanup :) So this is the last Salute-free zone for a while!
Both Kev and I had birthdays since the last newsletter, Kevs like 53 or something and I turned the big Four Oh. I celebrated becoming an old man, and starting the downhill road to looking more and more like a potato, by doing absolutely nothing. It was heaven :D

My wife celebrated by trying to killl me off sooner with this slice of heaven, mmmmmm.

Right, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, we sell minis!

We've had a huge restock in, so if you were waiting for something, it's probably back in stock (if it's not, then something is wrong with it, ask us via FB if you want to know when something is due back in.

Right, on with the goodie!
Resin Masters - The Nola Five
The 'Nola Five' are a group of Zombocalypse survivors operating out of New Orleans. From left to right we have...

Billy Ray, a mechanic from Metairie
Monique, a schoolteacher out of Little Woods
Charles, a french quarter chef
Rihanna, a Bayou tour operator originally from central La
Jean-Baptiste, an .. entrepreneur hailing from Treme

Individual masters will be available next week, we're just releasing the set early for those of you who want to splash out :)

As usual there's a hefty discount for those buying such a pack of our resin masters like this!
Resin Masters - Post-Apoc Gang
We've had some new resin moulds made and so can finally offer thePost-Apoc Gang in a resin master format!

As with the Nola 5, individuals will be available next week and again, a healthy discount for the ordering the multi-pack!
Resin Master - Camilla
Another of Kev's 'finished dollies'. Because of the minis she was made for (Rihanna in the Nola 5 above) her hand position is a little odd :) Terrible dad dancing maybe?
Jynx, Modern Thaumaturge
Ginnifer 'Jynx' Monroe is one of the modern breed of Thaumaturges, using the Veil to reshape reality to their will.
Jynx is a little bit of an odd mini for us, it delves into modern fantasy in a way that we don't normally do. She came about after a conversation on the Hasslefree Facebook page about miniatures for games like Shadowrun which are modern but also use magic and psychic powers etc.
A slight mishap with inking means that we don't have the metal pics for this mini or the below, but we're offering them anyway and next week's newsletter just keeps getting longer! :)
Dynamic Jynx, Veil Manipulator
Ginnifer 'Jynx' Monroe is one of the modern breed of Thaumaturges, using the Veil to reshape reality to their will. Seen here doing just that and creating a ball of energy to throw against the bad guys.

As mentioned above, this is a 'metal' release, images of that coming soon!
Xanthia, Coastal Raider
Xanthia, Jewel of Tana, is the leader of a group of coastal raiders. Operating both on and off the coast of Tana, her small band of corsairs seem to have a knack for knowing when and where to strike. Rumour has it that the group has access to a seer of some kind.
(Another, less repeated, rumour has it that Xanthia is an ex ... partner of the mighty barbarian Tregar)
Also available in a resin-only 'Skyclad' variant.
As mentioned above, this is a 'metal' release, images of that coming soon!
Tregar, Wandering Barbarian
Little is known of Tregar's origin, too many conflicting tales muddy the waters. Most agree that his battle against the great Hog Giant in the Swamps of Hen'Darr was one of epic proportions. Some tales include a stint as the leader of one of the roaming tribes of the Southern Steppes and others say it was as a Zuun of the Horde. Vying with the great 'Wolf' for most talked about barbarian in the realms, find any tavern favoured by the adventuring kind and you will find another story of 'Tregar the Wanderer'.

Seen here mid-fight and armed with a battleaxe and shield with a longsword strapped to his thigh.

Re-release due to a new paintjob and Xanthia showing up :)
Lewis, Wastelands Axeman
Lewis is another of our Badlands wanderers. Armed with a ridiculous axe, he is know for telling (possibly tall) tales of slaying great mutated beasts.
Re-releasing as he's back in stock and we have a new paintjob :)
Harby, Supernatural Investigator
Harby, despite the thug like exterior and gigantic hand cannon, is basically a cross between a modern day Indiana Jones and John Constantine. Travelling the dark corners of the world and hunting down dangerous and supernatural objects.
Available with a choice of heads and wearing one of the supernatural objects he found and kept for his own uses.

Re-released as we've had him freshly re-moulded from new resin masters and had him given a fresh coat of paint :)
Red Box Restock!
A huge Red Box restock is in, including the Chosen Warstaff (above) and, finally, the Netherbeast.
Etched Brass Restock
We've had a full restock of architectural etched brass. We've also added a couple of new codes, one of which is seen above!
Share the Love - Wild in the Streets
Another of our 'Share the Love' sections. A friend of HF is running a small Kickstarter over in the US which you can find HERE.

For those of you in the UK and EU we will be helping them out with fulfillment so no horrible extra taxes etc. should you choose to partake.
And Finally...
As you can tell by the rather makeshift and haphazard newsletter we've had a bit of a week, not helped by me taking time off in the middle for my birthday.
We're about to enter the busiest month of the year, the dreaded pre-Salute month. From now until the third week of April we will be basically doing double duty, as of course we have to continue to run the business for the vast majority of you who won't be anywhere near Salute, but also have to make sure we have our *cough* together for the biggest show of the year.

The good news for those of you who can't make it is that we 'always' have pre-release metals, which means that for the next 2 months our metal releases are nailed in and we won't have to worry about delays at casters etc.

We also have a... *checks around furtively* a *coughkickstarter*cough* planned for May-ish. We're actually just hoping it'll be May but we're still debating it due to Salute cleaning people's gaming budgets out here in the UK. On the positive side, it's not a large kickstarter, no plastic boxsets or huge snowballing games etc. It's a Kickstarter for a particular project that is a little ... niche. So we're going to be testing the KS waters with it as it'll allow us to gauge interest before taking up a couple months of Kev's time. More on that each week from now until then :)

What else? ... Hmm, Oh! Each week we'll also be adding more on our retail expansion. Red Box has sparked enough interest in you guys and gals that we've had to concentrate heavily on that for a while but now thats's under control we're back to adding even more lines and products from around the world.

Right, we'll let's actually get on with all of that then and stop wibbling here :D

'til next time,

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