Monday, 9 May 2016

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some bits and pieces of news from The Hasslefree Miniatures people...

I am Jennless!
Jenn is off in Poland for a reunion. I am not :(

However this means I have earmarked the next couple of lonely days to get rid of everything on my 'to do' list! :)

The dreaded list has grown to the point that it really needs to be beat down at this point. Dead moulds, website minor glitches, some missing images and category images, office tidying etc.

I'll also be getting around to the last few days emails, sorting any order issues from the last week and so on. I am going to be a problem solving machine!

So does this mean there's nothing interesting happening this week? Well...
Gamezone is Live!
No, it doesnt!

Starting today, in between bouts of problem solving, I shall be filling the new Gamezone categories under the Artemis Black's banner.

Next week's newsletter will have the full announcement and the categories will be completely done by then, but feel free to refresh every now and again and see what's new. The listings will be active as they go up.
Red Box Restock
Another big RBG restock is in. A couple of popular codes remain out due to moulding issues, we hope to have them in with the next restock sorry

Popular minis back in include Olsvalter the AgedThe Bastard Hughbert, Epierre the Entertainer and the Orc Hero.
Also Coming...
Gamezone isn't the only new addition coming this week. We'll hopefully have more arrivals dropping and can get them on the site before the next newsletter.

Also keep an eye on our Facebook this week as we'll be updating it with the new announcements as things arrive.

We'll even have some new accessories and new gaming snacks.
And FInally...
Yeah that's it, just a quick update so people don't think we're slacking off :)

Kev is clearing his plate and starting on some examples for the upcoming Kickstarter. Tentative dates for that are June 5th to July 3rd but not all things are under our control so that's 'tentative' for the moment. We're planning on having some finished pieces so you know what to expect but we won't be starting the Kickstarter with everything done, if we were there'd be no need for a KS! :D
Salute absolutely killed us this year, pretty certain there are still leftover problems. Ah well, what ya gonna do?! :) Everyone seems to have enjoyed the show so we're in for next year.

I know you all desperately await my judgement on genre-related stuff so here's a quick roundup of recent times. Civil War was excellent. Arrow is still sinking but Legends is growing on me and the Flash is great. Supergirl is dire. AoS continus to dig itself out of the hole it was in. I don't watch Gotham yet. FTWD is great to laugh at. GoT I regularly talk about on my FB. Looking forward to Preacher. There we go ;)

I miss my wife.

'til next time,


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