Monday, 9 May 2016

UK Games Expo Newsletter

Bit more 'advert' than news but interesting nonetheless...

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Epic Games Need Epic Sound!

Visit Syrinscape

You could be a dragon!

Syrinscape, winner of UK Game Expo’s Best Gaming Accessory award in 2015, is thrilled to return to UK Games Expo in 2016 bigger and better than ever with a brand new Board Game Player app with official SoundSets for CatanSpikeSpellcaster, as well as new Pathfinder RPG SoundSetsfor the Fantasy Player app, and so much more!
Stop by the Syrinscape stand #D17 to audition to become the voice of Ithanothaur, the terrifying CR 15 Umbral Dragon, star of Chapter Five of the Pathfinder RPG Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path! Step up to the microphone with your heartiest dragon roar, and Syrinscape creator Benjamin Loomes might just transform your voice on the spot to be immortalized as the mighty dragon!
The Pathfinder Saturday Night Special will also get the Syrinscape treatment as Benjamin brings Pathfinder RPG adventure “A Taste of Blight” to life with epic sound effects, music environments and more. It’s the first chance UK players will get to play through this nightmarish city –get your tickets today!
Play your games like never before and take advantage of Syrinscape’s special sub-offer for access to the Fantasy Player, Board Game Player, Sci-Fi player, and the extensive libraries of delicious sounds.Become a SuperSyrin subscriber today for only $10 a month, a 60% discount. For a limited time new subscribers will also get a free protective drawstring pouch for mobile devices!
We look forward to returning to UKGE. Now have fun and go make some noise!
Message content provided by Syrinscape.
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