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UK Games Expo Newsletter

Some more news from the upcoming UK Games Expo...

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UK Games Expo for Wargames

UK Games Expo will soon be upon us. This show - the 10th - will be by far the largest Hobby Games convention event ever run in the UK. It has for many years grown to be the largest show as regards boards games and role playing games but what about war-gaming?
UKGE recognises there are many great wargames shows out there. Our aim has never been to replace them. UKGE takes a different approach to wargames. Some wargames shows seem to exist to allow wargamers to get around a show, buy their shinny things and get out the door in less than 2 hours! They are shopping expeditions primarily. Expo has never been about that approach. We are an Expo of gaming and the emphasis is playing games. Not just later on when you have painted your shinny things but at the show.
What then do we have to offer in terms of wargames?
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Hawk Wargames Dropship at UKGE 2015

A word from our sponsors

UK Games Expo this year has two companies who have come on board as sponsors. One of our major sponsors,Hawk Wargames produce the spectacular Dropzone commander range of sci-fi figures. Their stand B9 will show the game in all its glory and is always a spectacle as witness the amazing and huge dropzone ship last year at UKGE.
Our Associate Sponsor Battlefield Hobbies' stand is at C15. Swing by to see demoes and try out six excellent wargames, including Malifaux and three different periods of Flames of War, which are all available to play at their Daventry games venue. The BH stand will also demo a new boardgame - Mortem et Gloriam - which is described as a 'fast-moving and bloody encounter of Ancient Rome and its enemies’.
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Large Scale Participation

Once again this year you can choose to storm the beaches of Normandy or throw the allies back into the sea in this mega participation game using the Memoir 44 Rules.
Take to the skies in the Wings of Glory game or command a 1st rate ship of the line in Sales of Glory.
All these games are walk up and play - no charge, Play for an hour or play all day.


The largest tournament at Expo this year is a miniatures tournament. Over 450 gamers will fight for the Empire or the Rebellion or choose the Bounty Hunter route in the worlds largest ever Xwing Miniatures Tournament - the Birmingham Yavin Open. Tournaments are held in the nearby Hilton Hotel.
Tnere are 15 different miniatures tournaments on offer. See here for more details.

Many more Stands to Visit

UK Games Expo boats over 200 exhibitors. Many of the retailers stock miniatures - particularly ranges like X-wing. This following list however focuses on publishers and retailers who are ,orstly or exclusively wargames orientated. Stand numbers are also given. The odd trader may be missing from this list - so check the full index to be sure.
Anvil Industry Ltd E25 Offers high quality hand cast resin miniatures and conversion parts for wargamers looking to build a unique collection
Asylum Wargaming A14 A small business run by 3 friends who are passionate wargamers!
Battle Systems A22 Offers realistic 28mm sci-fi & fantasy terrain for table top gamers and collectors.
Dark Ops A12 Produce a range of Sci-Fi and Fantays Wargames scenery
EBShobbies G2 EBShobbies are exclusive distributors of Wrath Of Kings and Dark Age miniature games by CoolMIniOrNot.
Forlorn Hope Games C24 Producing High Quality 28mm miniatures and selling accessories for gamers
Gct Studios Ltd E39 Produce Bushido an oriental fantasy tabletop miniatures game.
Gifts For Geeks G11 Stockists of Games Workshop, Warmachine, Avatars of War, Vallejo, Firestorm Armada, Fantasy Flight, Mantic and much more!
Lesley Bits Box F11 Sci Fi miniatures and second hand figures
Macrocosm miniatures G16 Oldhammer Style miniatures for all your gaming needs.....
Mantic Entertainment D22 Manufacture and sell sci-fi wargames figures and rules.
Mierce Miniatures F10 Produce the Darklands tabletop skirmish wargame and figures
Miniature Wargaming the Movie E25 Producing a documentary hat reveals the story of Miniature Wargaming and the creative geniuses involved.
Oathsworn Miniatures B17 Home of some of the finest 1/56 scale 28mm fantasy miniatures available
Osprey Games G8 Publish a large range of wargames rules and games.
Otherworld Miniatures E26 Produce fine quality 28mm miniatures for ‘old school’ roleplayers, wargamers and collectors.
Phalanx Games C21 BGG's Best Wargame 2015 Nominee. Come and see new edition of Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage
PSC Games C13 Manufacturer and supplier of plastic miniatures for tabletop gaming
River Horse F12 Alessio Cavatore's River Horse designs and produces board games, miniature wargames, card games.etc.
Rubicon Models A11 Rubicon Models produce hard plastic, high quality, multi optioned 28mm scaled World War 2 tanks and vehicles.
Savage Forged Games A13 A high quality resin manufacturer, founded by award winning sculptor Dennis Zarnowski.
Second Thunder A16 Publisher of Hobby Games and Rules
Steamforged Games Ltd C7 Creators of Guild Ball - A Tabletop Fantasy Medieval Football Game.
Studio Miniatures F22 Manufacturer and seller of Zombie Apocalypse Miniatures and Rules.
Tor Gaming E6 A wargames producer based in Sheffield, UK. Dedicated to producing some of the most original models and games on the market
Tritex A21 Retailer of wargaming and roleplaying miniatures and specialist family games.
Triton Noir E42 Canadian publisher of the WW2 tactical cooperative game: V-Commandos.
Warlord Games G12 Manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed historical miniatures in plastic, metal and resin.
Warmacre C18 Publisher of Hour of Glory, a game on covert operations in World War II.
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