Friday, 6 May 2016

Mantic Games Newsletter

Another Mantic Games open day is nearly upon us...

Tickets Please!
May Open Day - Just 2 Weeks to Go!
On Saturday 21st May Mantic opens its doors once more for the Mantic Open Day!

Celebrating the launch of Deadzone 2nd Edition, we’ll be running loads of amazing games and activities as well as behind the scenes looks at the world of Mantic! The Walking Dead, Warpath, Seminars, Games, Hobby and more will all feature.
There's plenty to see and do - check out our blog for a preview of the day.
Doors open at 10.00 AM. Tickets are available for £9.99 for singles and £29.99 for groups, with a show exclusive miniature included! The event will be held at our HQ in Nottingham – you can find our address here.

We need your help to playtest Warpath

We are currently developing the Warpath mass battle gaming system and Warpath: Firefight and we need your help to make sure that it is the best it can be – that means that it’s balanced, fair but most of all fun!
We are looking for volunteers to help us playtest the rules and the force lists. If you want to have your input into the game and help us make a great science fiction battle game, please come and help us develop the system.

If you'd like to attend please email before the 31st May with what army you intend on playing. For more details on the day and what you need to bring visit our Facebook Event pages.
Warpath: Mass Battle Playtest Event
Warpath: Firefight Playtest Event
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