Thursday, 19 May 2016

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Some new releases for Halo: Fleet Battles from Spartan Games...

Deluxe Halo: Fleet Battles Flight Tokens, the ominous OmniDyne and more tournament kits!
This month the Marauders of the Rift are joined by the OmniDyne! Four new boxed sets are making their way onto the shelves, giving you a huge choice for how to next expand and customize your Firestorm Armada fleets. All you Halo: Fleets Battles fans will also be able to get your hands on our new Deluxe Flight Token Sets- available to order now for both the UNSC and Covenant! And to top off this month, we're expanding our organised play support options with a Firestorm Armada Tournament Kit!
Fleet building options with the OmniDyne
An off-shoot of The Directorate, the OmniDyne Special Operations (OSO) Company are allied with the Zenian League and often fight alongside the Corsair faction. Never known to turn down a contract, they require only that their customers pay good money up front, and exercise a strong moral ambivalence towards how they get the job done.
Modularity and replication is a key part of any vessel build for the OSO and many of their ships feature a standardised build, allowing fleets operating far afield to be readily maintained.

The OSO Patrol Fleet features the Executive Class Battleship, a solid and dependable Tier 1 vessel which can anchor its fleet while Auditor Class Gunships wreak havoc on the enemy, supported by Synergy Class Corvettes.
The gigantic Foundry Class Dreadnought forms the basis of the OSO Dreadnought Group, a monstrous weapon of war designed to act as a mobile control and command centre for OSO fleets operating far from their home systems.
An ideal add-on to any Patrol Fleet, theReinforcement Group gives commanders a wealth of choice, with options to add Synergy Class Corvettes, Representative Class Light Cruisers or Paradigm Class Escort Carriers to their force.The OmniDyne Support Group provides further choices for expansion, with Synergy Class Corvettes, and up to two squadrons of Leverage Class Cruisers, a well-pointed, aggressive complement to the Patrol Fleet's Auditor Class Gunships.
Available to order now, make sure you check out all your OmniDyne options!
Deluxe Halo tokens... For the finest fleets!

This month, we're releasing deluxe Halo: Fleet Battles Flight Tokens, for only the very best of fleets! These stunning 3D
 tokens are designed as an optional replacement for the card tokens found inside standard boxed sets, giving all Halo: Fleet Battles the chance to get even more beautifully-detailed resin on the tabletop.

Inside the UNSC Flight Token Set you will get 8 x Broadsword Interceptors, 8 x Longsword Bombers, 8 x Pelican Dropships, 2 x Sabre Interceptors, 24 x Mini Flight Stands and 26 x Micro Dice. The 24 white dice are used to denote a Wing's strength and 2 red dice are included to assist in identifying which of your Pelicans are carrying Spartans!
Inside the Covenant Flight Token Set you will get 8 x Seraph Interceptors, 8 x Tarasque Bombers, 8 x Type-28 Boarding Craft (modelled closed for spaceflight), 24 x Mini Flight Stands and 32 x Micro Dice. The 24 white dice are used to denote a Wing's strength and 8 red dice are included to assist in identifying which of your Type-28s are carrying Zealots!
Tournament Kits galore!

We're continually building on the organised play support we offer here at Spartan, and this month we're adding Firestorm Armada to our Tournament Kit line-up! Available to pre-order now, the Firestorm Armada Tournament Kit can be found in the Organised Play store section, along with our existing Kits for Halo: Fleet Battles and Dystopian Wars.
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