Tuesday, 24 May 2016

UK Games Expo Newsletter

Not long left to buy tickets for the UK Games Expo..

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72 Hours until Bookings go Off Line

At midnight this Thursday 26th May our online booking system goes offline. After that point you will not be able to book any online tickets for entrance to UK Games Expo or to any events.

Can I buy tickets at the convention?

YOU CAN BUY ENTRANCE AND EVENT TICKETS AT THE SHOW. RPGs live events and boards games generally will have tickets available - spaces permitting- at the show. Wargames events sometimes close submissions at this point so they can have army lists submitted. Check event descriptions.
After the 26th May please do not email us asking us to set aside or reserve, swap, cancel or do anything else with your tickets or bookings as we are unable to comply. Also do not email asking if you can buy tickets at the show.
Please do not be offended when we don't reply to such emails.
After Thursday, Tony will be in full prep mode for the Bank Holiday Monday Ticketing session when over 3500 order packs will be made up by him and our team.
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The horror that is ticketing Monday!

How do I get a Refund for Tickets I don't need?

You have two options.
A) If an Attendee has purchased an Event Ticket (other than for a miniatures’ tournament), but is then unable to participate in the tournament or role playing game for which he or she had bought an Event Ticket, he/she may present the Event Ticket to the admin desk and request a refund. Refunds will only be made if the admin desk manager in their absolute discretion considers that there is a reasonable chance that the Event Ticket could be re-sold. Therefore requests for a refund made within 4 hours of the start time are unlikely to be met.
B) Contact Tony BEFORE Midnight on Thursday 26th May. Click here:Tony Hyams [ Director] After this date we will not be able to handle refunds via email as we are packing the pre-orders for the show, running the show or surfacing from it. No refunds will be issued if you contact us after 26th May.
You should include your order number (found on your customer page)
The name of the account you booked under
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