Friday, 20 May 2016

Shadows of Esteren Newsletter

Something for those of you who are familiar with the Shadows of Esteren RPG and would like to help them out at some events...

Hi everyone!

We are looking for volunteers to help us this summer on three game convention: Origins, Gencon and Uk Game expo.

Origins Game Fair – Columbus

Do you want to attend the upcoming Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio and help promote Shadows of Esteren? If so, do we have the opportunity for you! We are seeking volunteers who can assist with the Shadows of Esteren booth June 14 - 18. Volunteers will be responsible for helping at the Shadows of Esteren booth in the Exhibit Hall and running demo sessions of the game. Volunteers will receive a free admission badge for each full day they volunteer. Limited lodging is also available. Please contact Michael Downs at for more information.

GenCon - Indianapolis

We are looking for volunteers to help us at GenCon 2016! You can bring your support either by taking care of manning the booth along with us, or by running demo sessions. As thanks for your help, we will be happy to give you coupons to spend at our booth... as well as our undying gratitude! If you can help us the 4 days (either by helping on the booth and/or running demo sessions), you will receive a free exhibitor badge.

You can even get a free French lesson if you want!

For a more exhaustive rundown, check the offcial forum.

UK Game Expo - Birmingham

We are also looking for volunteers to help us at Birmingham expo, 3rd – 5th June. It is very soon! No demo session here but helping at the Shadows of Esteren booth will be welcome !

You can learn more :

If you are interested, please kindly respond to this email,

Best wishes from Paris,
The team

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