Monday, 16 May 2016

Unboxing Malifaux - M2E Large Arachnids

"I hope you don't suffer from arachnophobia..."

The Large Arachnids box contains enough parts for two miniatures...namely the Large Arachnids. It also contains stat cards for them though there are no upgrade cards.

Large Arachnids - Sprues
The box has two sprues in it as well as the aforementioned cards. Here's pictures of both sides of them...

...and the individual sprues...

Large Arachnids - Stat Cards
Wyrd Games didn't like my publishing pictures of both sides of the stat cards so you'll have to make do with this...

Should there be any assembly issues with the model then they will be listed in the appropriate section and you can view larger versions of the smaller pictures or instruction pictures by clicking on them.

Large Arachnids - Instructions

Some General Notes on Assembly.
Many of these models contain quite small parts so depending on how dexterous you are you might consider getting yourself some tweezers. Dry-fitting is also always a good idea in case a part needs a tiny bit of extra filing or filling as some of the fits are quite tight. Where the parts on the sprue are quite thin (chains, weapon shafts, cables and the like) then it might be better to remove parts with a sharp scalpel rather than cutters.

Large Arachnids
Both of these models share the some issues so rather than repeat myself twice I'll cover them here rather than with each models individual pictures like I normally do.
Firstly, it's very important to dry-fit all the body parts together before gluing as gluing the individual parts as you go will cause you problems with getting the fit right as certain parts push others into the correct locations...basically what I'm saying is be 100% sure that's where the part goes before committing yourself. You can attach the spine piece to the two back plate halves and glue that together if you really want a solid starting point as these parts don't have much chance of making a mistake with. Also remember that the tiny (and very delicate) antenna pieces need to go into the recesses on the body before putting the body halves together as you can't get them in afterwards.

The legs fit into recesses in the head and are then fixed in place by attaching the other half of the same and as we have yet to be blessed with actual instructions where they actually go is debatable. I've tried as best as I can to follow the renders on the back of the box but please don't take how I've done it as necessarily being correct. The fit on this part is also pretty bad without significant extra filing...or maybe this is because I put them in the wrong place...either is a possibility...

Should you make a complete mess of the leg placement then you can probably minimise any issues with creative basing.

Large Arachnid A - Assembled

Large Arachnid B - Assembled

Large Arachnids - Comparison Pictures
Here's a couple of comparison pictures between the original metal version and the new M2E plastic ones.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. These models have a definite 'assembly sequence'. Parts of the body need to be attached after the antennae and legs. If you glue the components together in the wrong order, you will find yourself in a real muddle later. Wyrd definitely needs to publish some assembly instructions ASAP. The models fit together fine once you have deduced the correct order of assembly, but putting them together without instructions was something of a trial.

    1. I do mention that in the assembly part of the article. Fortunately they look rather nice when completed so you can almost forget the nightmare of putting them together...almost...

  2. Assembly order:
    Ladder + two pieces notched for ladder = upper back
    Two side pieces + two ANTENNAE lightning rods = unwieldy but necessary open-top spider body
    Open-top spider body + upper back = spider shell
    [Large Arachnid A: spider shell + spider legs with plates = spider shell]
    Spider shell + any paired spider legs, attached to the hindmost open notches first* = unwieldy but necessary half-legged [A] or fully leggy [B] spider
    Leggy spider + plate with circular indents = armored spider body
    [Large Arachnid A: half-legged armored spider + remaining legs = armored spider body]
    Armored spider body + head plate = unarmed spider
    Unarmed spider + buzz saw = Large Arachnid.

    *only one pair on A, hell if I figured out the proper order of the four for B

  3. How big is this model? I wanted to make my own from junk parts and I wanted to know how tall and wide it stands when fully assembled.

    As always your reviews are super helpful.


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