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UK Games Expo

Some more information on the UK Games Expo...

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Stuff not to miss!

There will be an Aladdin's cave of goodies in the Trade Hall's at UK Games Expo on 3rd to 5th June. You will have seen a number of posts by companies telling us about their plans but today we wanted to highlight some deals and opportunities we are offering or arranged as a partnership between UKGE and other companies.
The Souvenir Miniature
As this is our 10th anniversary we wanted to produce something you could all remember the occasion by. So we have commissioned this great looking exclusive miniature from Otherworld Miniatures. This superbly detailed 28mm mini shows an orc off to the expo, dice in hand and a back pack full of gaming essentials.
Also on sale at UKGE Merchandise stand A3.
Note the miniature comes unpainted. But we have you covered - read on.

Get your Free Brush at Games and Gear

UK Games Expo and Games and Gear have come together to offer a number of souvenir items. The first of these is a FREE paint brush. Games and Gear have 1500 paint brushes with 500 available each day on a first come and first claimed basis. These are superb high quality brushes and are sure to make your miniatures stand out. Go to the Games and Gear stand D25 to get yours.
On the same stand you can buy sets of special limited edition UK Games Expo brush sets, dice and coins.

Win a Geeknson Game Table at UK Games Expo 2016.

Come to UK Games Expo on the Saturday and you will have the chance to win one of these amazing games tables. That's right: Geeknsons are offering a table to be won by one lucky visitor - prize includes delivery to a UK address. Remember to collect your free draw entry wrist band at a help desk from 11am on the Saturday only. The draw will be just before 5pm on the Saturday and only visitors in the hall get a chance to win.
This table is a ideal size for most big 6-player games and by using a special divider - 'Strake Board' - it can be divided in smaller gaming spaces.

Win a copy of Pandemic – Reign of Cthulhu.

Instead of curing diseases like in the ground-breaking original Pandemic, players have to work together to seal portals and shut down cults in the classic New England fictional towns of Arkham, Dunwich, Innsmouth, and Kingsport. Can you and your fellow investigators manage to find and seal every portal in time? Hurry before you lose yourself to insanity and the evil that lurks beneath your feet...
Z-Man and UKGE have arranged for a limited number of copies to be available for the UKGE, 2 months before the official release at GenCon. These will not be available on general sale however. Due to anticipated interest UKGE will be raffling the limited copies available.

How to enter

To enter the raffle to win a copy of Pandemic – Reign of Cthulhu. visit the UKGE Merchandise Stand A3. Answer a question put to you on the stand and buy 1 or more tickets at £3 a go. Then attend the raffle draws at 4pm on Friday and Saturday and 14.45 on Sunday at the Main Stage and see if you have won one of the copies.
UKGE-16 T-shirt Concept
Souvenir T Shirts

Souvenir T Shirts and Badges

While we have had polo shirts for our volunteers since our first year we have never produced a collectible T Shirt for you to take home until last year. We are still taking orders for a limited selection of sizes but will have a larger range of sizes including children's on sale at UKGE.
As is traditional for the gaming public we have a choice of colours as long as you want black.
Pre order page
Also on sale at UKGE Merchandise stand A3 are 2016 souvenir pin badges.
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Donate to charity to grab a seat on the Game and beat this man!


Challenge the designer of Game of Thrones at his own Game!

Fancy the chance to play a game with the man who founded and ran Fantasy Flight Games?
As well as building one of the hobby’s leading publishers Christian is also a successful game designer. Christian has designed many of Fantasy Flight's games throughout the years, including Twilight Imperium, the A Game of Thrones board game, World of Warcraft: The Board Game, and The Lord of the Rings Trivia Game, as well as having overseen or contributed to most of their other titles.
On Saturday evening at 4.00 pm at UK Games Expo we are pleased to offer four of you the chance to join Christian Petersen in a private game of the Game of Thrones board game.
Imagine the bragging rights if you win that game!
There are now only 2 seats left in the Game (the first two seas have been won
Fancy a weekend of Mega Civ?

A weekend of MegaCiv

Game Designer at UKGE

Flo de Haan the co-author of the huge game Mega Civilization is a guest of the UK Games Expo this year. He will be with us Friday and Saturday.
Learn the Game
At UK Games Expo Flo will run demoes of the game on the Pegasus Spiele stand A4
Play a 6 Hour "Short Game" Tournament run by Flo on Friday night.
Here is your chance to play a game of MegaCiv with the game author himself Flo de Haan.
Big Catan - photo used with permission of and copyright Catan Gmbh.

A Taste of Big Catan

Play it at UKGE

Catan is usually played as a 4 player game. However there is a BIg Game version.In the Big Game, any number of players play together on a long game map specially developed for this scenario.
To give vistors to UK Games Expo a taste of how Big Catan works Robert Carty of Catan Studios will be running games of up to 12 players at Stand E5 in our Trade Hall (Hall One NEC) on Saturday 4th June and Sunday 5th June at 11.00 and 13.00 each day. Each game will last 2 hours. There is no charge but it is first come, first served.

Win your own Vampire Hunting Kit

We also have a limited number of spaces in the Annual Cthulhu masters tournament, this year Chaosium has joined with UK Games Expo and is offering a set of dice for every person participating (worth more than the price of entry by themselves), copies of new scenarios for those making it through to the final and an exclusive slipcase edition of the new 7th edition rules for the winner of the tournament.
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