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Monday 23/05/16

Labyrinth pre-order ending soon!

It's been an absolutely amazing two weeks since the pre-orders was launched, with an avalanche of fans showing us their support and excitement for the game, so much support and excitement in fact that our website simply wasn't designed to handle that amount of volume! If you are one of the minority of people to receive this newsletter and notorder Labyrinth then we have to warn you, time is running out! On the 31st of May this pre-order will end and you will not be able to enter into the pre-order competition to win a jumbo playing piece of your choice, to enter the raffle you simply need to pre-order the game, if you have already pre-ordered then you already have a chance to win!

Speaking of playing pieces, we also wanted to share these beautifully painted figures by Johnny Fraser-Allen, the very man that sculpted them. I know for sure that I won't be able to paint my figures nearly as well!
If you are coming to games expo, check out our stall at F12 to play Labyrinth for yourself and buy some Labyrinth goodies courtesy of TruffleShuffle!
Completed the Terminator Genisys scenarios in the starter rulebook? Then check out mission three, published on the web for the first time! Live the movie!
Like the Tails of Equestria pagehere to join in the discussions and get juicy Tails of Equestria gossip! We are very busy playtesting the game with our super awesome Brony force!
Waterloo 'Quelle Affaire' hits the US. If you are in the US and interested in one of the most famous battles in history, contact our US traderNoble Knight games
Join the Hunger games board game page hereto join in the discussions and get the latest Hunger Games news.
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