Saturday, 15 April 2017

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Mantic Games weekly newsletter...

Welcome to this week's Mantic Games newsletter. Here you'll find all the latest information on new releases, news and special offers!
If you're looking to get started with Warpath, our Sci-Fi wargame, then now is the time. Not only is the Operation Heracles Starter set out at the end of this Month, but you can now pre-order the new Starter Forces.

There's one for the EnforcersVeer-MynForge Fathers and Asterians. We've been taking a closer look at how to use these miniatures on the tabletop over on the Mantic Blog!
Humanity's elite super-soldiers, the Enforcers are unquestioningly loyal and ruthless to the core. Equipped with the best technology available to mankind, they not only face various alien threats, but also keep human populations in line. Find our more about the Enforcer Starter Force here!
The Veer-Myn are an insidious swarm who have shadowed mankind's conquest of the stars. They once hid in the shadows, but no more. The Veer-Myn have gone to war to claim the galaxy as their own. Find out more about the Veer-Myn Starter Force here!
Here at Mantic, we love two things: great games and terrible puns. So, until 5.00pm (GMT) Tuesday 18th April, any order on our webstore of over £100(or equivalent) will get a free copy of DreadBall Egg-treme! Egg...because it's Easter. Get it?
If you want to get the Warpath Rulebook Collection, which includes an exclusive slipcase and FREE 192-page Sourcebook, you better be quick because pre-orders are going fast! Get your collection now!
A quick note about shipping! We're experiencing very high demand for the March Walking Dead: All Out War releases, including the Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe diorama. We are working through orders as fast as we can and they'll be with you soon. Sorry for the delay to all those that have ordered.
Get a FREE copy of Deadzone 2.0 so you can play futuristic urban skirmishes with our superb range of sci-fi terrain. Check out the limited bundles... oh and if you feel the need to add skulls to your buildings, just pick up some Undead skeletons too ;-)
Next week we'll have more details on our upcoming Kickstarter TerrainCrate, which will fund a huge range of plastic, pre-assembled dungeon furniture, battlefield terrain and more. Sign up to the TerrainCrate newsletter for more information.
You can now use your Mantic Points to purchase a selection of miniatures from The Walking Dead: All Out War, including Negan and Michonne!
We're hosting a 12-player Deadzone Tournament here at Mantic HQ. Play five games during an action-packed day! Check the site for more details...
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