Friday, 21 April 2017

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games usual end of week round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this coming week's New Releases and other wargaming news.

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The Daleks and Cybermen conduct an unrelenting war in this brand new starter set!

New Algoryn Army!

The Algoryn have unleashed an monumental force - nothing can stop them now!
The plastic 5-man Algoryn Command squad is ready to lead an Algoryn Scout force onto the hostile planet's surface.
Designed to deliver a single shot at incredible velocity, the Heavy Mag Cannon is the most powerful weapon of its kind!
The mainstay of Algoryn vehicular warfare, the Liberator has an immense amount of versatility and firepower, and with 2 order dice it's truly a must have!
Don't forget that the Liberator is also available with all of its weapon options, which turns out, is a lot of guns!

The Zeus & Mammoth!

The pinnacle of German engineering crawls over the horizon as the German Zeus Heavy Mechpanzer lays down fire with unerring accuracy...
It's time for Russia to become the last major power in the world and they'll achieve it with the new Soviet Mammoth Walker!

Salute Deals on the Webstore!

Just because you can't make it Salute doesn't mean you have to miss out! Check out our own awesome webstore deals we have going on!

More Tanks On Offer...

The tank list just got updated! Includes more plastic tanks, finally added some Ruskies in the mix. Don't wait on it, it's only for this weekend!

'Salute Your Enemy!'

An exclusive Skill card comes with any order over £30 ($48), this weekend only!

French Test of Honour!

Our dedicated French speaking community have been busy producing translations of all the essential Test of Honour documents!

Wargames Illustrated!

Crammed with hobby, this month there's a big focus on all things Samurai, including history, a linked campaign for Test of Honour and more!
Come grab Wargames Illustrated issue 355 May issue, plus find out about a special offer they have going on for Salute!

See you at Salute!

Last minute read up for Salute, make sure to get everything in order!
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