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Unboxing Punkapocalyptic - Gangers

Bad Roll Games recently took their 'Punkapocalyptic' game to Kickstarter in order to fund a new faction called 'Black Blood Children'. Unfortunately for me they also had a 'basically everything we've ever made plus the new stuff' pledge...they gave it the slightly snappier name 'Wasteland Hoarder' but the principle was the same...so now I own four Punkapocalyptic factions...

...so lets start with some background info on the Gangers, a look at what is in their starter set and then what else is available for that particular faction...

Editors Note - This particular article is VERY picture heavy.

Life in the Wasteland is hard and, if you don’t want or simply can’t stay in a settlement, it is vital to team up. Gangers are probably the most common faction you can find in this part of the Wasteland, from groups of raiders to vigilantes. These gangs make a living attacking settlements or travellers to get bullets and gas, acting as mercenaries to carry out the wishes of some local chief, patrolling the surroundings of a colony, or just roaming the Wasteland as free spirits with the strength of the group to improve their chances of survival. They are the best combatants and they have more firepower than any other faction.
Most of the gangs organise their ranks according to the fighting capabilities and seniority of their members. Those unable to fight will end up dead sooner than later, so even rookies are better than the average Wasteland inhabitant. Veterans have a prominent status in the gang and are respected by everyone. Leaders must win the title by their own merits; there is no room here for devious politics or blood bonds. Although there are always differences between the gangs and some of them value some measure of leadership capabilities, others stick to sheer force when it comes to choosing a chieftain. There will be always a way to challenge a leader to replace him, so you can bet your life (and maybe you will) on every one of them being very capable of proving they are worthy of the position.
There are some gangs that follow a distinct and well defined style, such as using the same clothes, show some tribal tattoos off or shave half their heads. Others are totally mixed and don’t have any distinctive feature.

These gangs are usually nomad and try to get whatever they need on the road, but some of them have some kind of refuge or base camp to rest, shelter or train their greens.

The 'Printer Friendly' version of the core rules can be downloaded from HERE.
The rules for this particular faction can be downloaded from HERE.

Gangers Starter Set
There is a starter set available for this faction composed by five Ganger miniatures.

Gangers Starter Set - Unassembled
Here's a look at the starter set models in their unassembled form. Currently these are metal though it's possible that resin versions may come later as the more recent models in the various factions are resin.

The metal models come with a plain 25mm 'slot' base and the later resin ones come with the same size base but without the slot...

Gangers Starter Set - Assembled
The starter set includes a Chief (medium blade, rifle and biohazard protection), Badass (rifle / crossbow and biohazard protection), Brute (metallic armour and heavy mace), Ganger (leather armour, bow and small blade) and Scumbag (throwing knives and light mace). 

The pictures below are in the same order as the above written descriptions but to be honest which is which is pretty obvious...

Also available are a number of Ganger models you can use to expand your force. Available are Badass - shotgun and small blade, Chief - shotgun and medium blade, Ganger - light mace, Ganger - pistol and biohazard protection, Scumbag - throwing knives and light mace and another Badass model unlocked during the Kickstarter.

Gangers - Additional Models - Unassembled
Here's a look at both sides of the additional models in their unassembled form. These particular models are all resin. Most are single piece figures.

 Gangers - Additional Models - Assembled
Most of these with the exception of the one unlocked during the Kickstarter are single piece figures though the poses are still quite dynamic despite that.

This model was unlocked during the recent Kickstarter so I'm unsure how long it'll be until it's available separately.

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Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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