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April 2017 Newsletter: The Winter's Moon Rises

Guild Ball Hunters
The forces of the wild are clawing their way toward you this month, coaches. It's time to string your bow, find your warmest winter clothes, and prepare for that bitter sting of winter, Hunter's style!

From the arrival of these new Hunters to the rampant theories of who will die in Guild Ball's Season 3, April is bursting with big news and bigger releases. Check it out below.
Guild Hall Chatter

Farmer's Guild
Farmer's Preview

Can't wait to roll up your sleeves and dig into the Farmer’s Guild? Check out our preview post to unearth the mysterious origins behind the Farmers Guild and look at some of the new rules this brand-new Guild has sprouted!  

Theron Origin Story
Theron's Origins

Dying to know what happened during the Century Wars that sent Theron to the pitch? Then it's time to start reading. Learn about Theron's past and the inspiration behind Salute's Limited Edition Young Theron with his epic origin story.

Heralds Tactics
Hunting Tactics

How can you pull off wild snow-skills for epic goals with Ulfr and Skatha? Read this post to find out! You can learn the basics of using the new Hunters in both Skatha and Theron-led lineups.

Hunter Developer Diary
Hunter's Expansion Dev Diary

Get all the details on how the new Hunters give feral coaches brand-new strategies for an aggressive goal game.

Season 3 Errata
Season 3 Errata

To address some common questions and clarify some rules language, we released a public FAQ and Errata for Guild Ball Season 3.  
Forum Favorites

Steamforged Forums
Looking for a place to share your excitement for Guild Ball and Dark Souls? Then hit up the Steamforged forums now! Hot topics include painting tips for Dark Souls™, the awesome new podcast MO-Ball, a growing Season 4 wishlist, and a hilarious thread theorizing "Who's going to die in Season 3?"

Our favorite theory so far? "It'll be a mascot. Watch poor Salt get taken out by Avarisse and/or Greede. Fans riot. The Second Century Wars begin." Could user TehMik be on the trail of something big?

Hunter's Guild: Heralds of the Winter's Moon
Available now from your friendly local game store!
Hunter's Guild: Heralds of the Winter's Moon 
MRSP: £28  $40 (USD)  €38  $55 (AUD)

Light on their feet and menacing as the cold, this pack of hunters brings the sharp sting of winter to the sport. Their fearsome captain, Skatha, commands the pitch with slick footwork and a passing game as unrelenting as winter's howling winds. Opponents had best be wary with the ball against her pack. One misstep and their watchful protector Snow will fetch the ball and pass it to their feral striker, Ulfr. This lone huntsman lives for the rush of an ambush, targeting prey who stand between him and the goal post. To ensure their striker makes the shot, Veteran Hearne lies in wait, ready to ensnare his prey and show them the cruelty of winter. His furs now matted with frost, Hearne proves even the most ardent supporters of the Sun Father can be swayed by the Winter Queen.

This boxed set contains:
• 1X Metal 30mm Skatha (Captain) Model
• 1X Metal 30mm Snow (Mascot) Model
• 1X Metal 30mm Ulfr Model
• 1X Metal 40mm Veteran Hearne Model
• Stat Cards for each model
Tales of the Pitch

Guild Ball Season 3 Book
Guild Ball Season 3 
MRSP: £30  $40  €40  $60 (AUD)

Guild Ball Season 3 brings you the continuing stories of your favorite players from the world of Guild Ball. Along with updated art and stories, the book features the rules for all Guilds, including recent releases and the all-new Farmer's Guild. You won't want to skip out on these tales of glory on the pitch.
Click Here to Find a Store Near You
Upcoming Event: Salute 2017

Salute 2017
Steamforged Games is excited to see you all at Salute on April 22nd! Come by our booth (TD13) to preview Dark Souls: The Board Game in person, check out new Guild Ball releases and hunt down something special. We can't wait to prowl about with all you awesome coaches.
Stalk Your Prey with Limited Edition Theron

Limited Edition Young Theron
Young Theron will be available for one day, and one day only! Tomorrow, April 22, Young Theron will be available from our booth at Salute (Booth #) AND on the Guild Ball store. Don't miss out on the opportunity to track down this ferocious Hunter Captain in his prime.
Time for an Upgrade
Our new webstore is on the horizon! Because we built everything from scratch in our snazzy new system, only account balances over £10 will be transferrable. Don’t worry—if you have less than £10 on your account, you have at least two full weeks to spend it.(Exact date TBA, but we want to give you early notice!)

Accounts with more than £10 will get an email with a voucher or coupon code to use on our new webstore. Watch our social media channels for more updates.





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