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UK Games Expo Newsletter

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UKGE Trade Hall Plans released

16th April 2017

Today we reveal our draft trade hall plans showing the stands of the almost 300 exhibitors that you will be able to explore in just a few weeks time.
Across all its sites UKGE has grown from around 15000 sqm of space in 2016 to, we estimate, 24000 sqm of space in 2017.
It is going to be epic this year! To book your tickets click here.
Lets have a look at the layout.
Layout of UK Games Expo - click for larger version

Overview of the UK Games Expo Sites

Let's start with the big picture. UK Games Expo is spread accross a number of sites.

Hall 1 NEC

This has at least 14000 sqm of trade space. (see lower down for details)

Hall 3a NEC

Almost all of the National and International events, tournaments and championships take place in here. We also have open gaming space here in the evenings.

Toute Suite NEC (Just outside Hall 1)

With a seating capacity of 300 this is home to most of our seminars and panels.

Piazza Suites NEC (between Hall 1 and Hall 3a)

Here are smaller rooms for workshops and exhibitor meeting rooms.

NEC Lakefront

The Viking living history village and Cook Street food area will be here. Witness demonstrations of dark ages combat and find out about life in Viking times.

Hilton Hotel

The Hilton Hotel will remain the focus of the Roleplaying Game sessions. The board game library will migrate here in the evening and we will open large open gaming space. The Pavilion room here will host Live Entertainment events. Workshops and panels will go on in the Surrey room. Explore the galaxy in the Starship Simulator Games in the Kent room.

Hilton Hotel Forecourt

Don’t miss Chow Street - home to the UK Games Expo Food Festival.

Ibis Styles, Gentings and Plaza Crown Hotels

These are UKGE partner hotels who have all agreed to permit open gaming in their lounge areas.
Hall 1 Plans - click for larger version

Hall 1 - Our Trade Hall

This 14000 sqm hall hosts one of the four largest public exhibitions of Tabletop Gaming in the world and by far the largest in the UK. Thousands of you can try out demo games of all sorts and browse and buy a massive range of games and games products, have fun with the costumed groups or just defeat your pals in their favourite game.
Click on the map for a larger version. For an index click here.
Some of the key attractions include the Family Zone (run by Imagination Gaming), Playtest, the Leisure Games Shop and Drop, the Bring and Buy, the Cosplay Zone, and one part of our open gaming space and the board game library (run by Thirsty Meeples).
Friday. Trade Halls Opening: Press Preview 9.00 till 11.00. General opening 11.00 to 6pm.
Saturday. Trade Halls Opening: 9.30 to 6pm.
Sunday.Trade Halls Opening: 9.30 to 4pm.
IMG 1435
Hall 1 on opening morning last year
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