Monday, 10 April 2017

Wyrd Games 'Easter Sale' Newsletter

Lots of Wyrd Games special edition models going to be available soon...


It's April, which means it's time for another Easter sale!

As we recently announced, we are cutting back on our presales during our sales events, which means that the Easter sale will no longer have early release models. Additionally, as ever, we do not offer discounts to our products during sales: our sales are a chance to get some special edition items directly from Wyrd.

This year is a great sale, offering up a brand new special edition model. Check out all the sales items below, and then press on to find out some other good news at the bottom of this newsletter.
Below is a full list of the special edition models we will have for sale during the Easter sales event. In addition to these models, the store will also have all previously released products up through the March releases.

WYR21001 LNELTD | Herald of Obliteration (Tara) Nightmare $80.00
WYR21002 LELTD | Miss Step $25.00
WYR21004 LELTD | Alternate Perdita $25.00
WYR21005 LELTD | No Shelter Here (Pandora) Dayglow Lime $50.00
WYR21006 LELTD | Herald of Obliteration (Tara) Translucent Smoke $85.00
WYR21007 LELTD | Children of December (Rasputina) Translucent Blue $50.00
WYR21008 LELTD | No Shelter Here (Pandora) Translucent Lime $50.00
WYR21010 LELTD | Miss Terious $35.00
WYR21012 LELTD | War Wabbit $35.00
WYR21013 LELTD | Johana $25.00
WYR21015 LNELTD | Whiskey Golem Nightmare $60.00
WYR21017 LELTD | Bete Noire Translucent Red $25.00
WYR21018 LELTD | Francisco Ortega $25.00
WYR21019 LELTD | Gremlin $25.00
WYR21020 LELTD | Mindless Zombies Translucent Emerald $35.00
WYR21021 LELTD | Performer $25.00
WYR21022 LELTD | Miss Ery - Bad Teddy $25.00
WYR21023 LNELTD | Nightmare Hanging Tree $70.00
WYR21025 LELTD | Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) Translucent Lime $55.00
WYR21026 LELTD | Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) Dayglow Lime $55.00
WYR21027 LELTD | Hide and Seek (Dreamer) Translucent Pink $60.00
WYR21028 LELTD | Hide and Seek (Dreamer) Dayglow Pink $60.00
WYR21029 LNELTD | Whiskey Golem Nightmare Translucent Root Beer $70.00
WYR21030 LELTD | Kaeris $25.00
WYR21031 LELTD | Miss Anne Thrope $25.00
WYR21032 LNELTD | Dark Carnival (Colette) Nightmare $90.00
WYR21034 LELTD | Witchling Stalker Translucent Red $25.00
WYR21036 LELTD | Bayou Gator $25.00
WYR21037 LELTD | Witchling Handler $18.00
WYR21038 LELTD | Barbaros $25.00
WYR21039 LNELTD | Coryphee Nightmare $35.00
WYR21040 LELTD | Dr. Dufresne Alternate McMourning $25.00
WYR21041 LELTD | Firestarter $25.00
WYR21044 LELTD | Burning Revelation (Kaeris) Translucent Orange $50.00
WYR21045 LELTD | Dark Debts (Jacob Lynch) Translucent Purple $45.00
WYR21051 LELTD | Miss Fire $25.00
WYR21047 LELTD | Dark Debts (Jacob Lynch) Dayglow Purple $45.00
WYR21048 LNELTD | Dark Carnival Crew (Colette) Nightmare Translucent Red $95.00
WYR21055 LELTD | Guilty As Charged (Jack Daw) Translucent $55.00

In addition, for this sale, we have a brand new Special Edition Titania! This alternate Titania will be available for $25 (the render is above).

Images for models in the sale will be available on the webstore when it goes live.
The Guilder Store is getting an update! By the end of the week, the Guilder store will include:
  • Dr. Alexei Sokolov - 5 Guilders - This model serves as an alternate Joss (Arcanists)
  • All plastic Miss figures - 7 Guilders - See list below:
    • Miss Ery - Alternate Teddy (Neverborn)
    • Miss Step - Alternate Howard Langston (Arcanist)
    • Miss Terious - Alternate Death Marshal (Guild)
    • Miss Anne Thrope - Alternate Wastrel (Guild / Ten Thunders)
  • Wooden M2E card box - 10 Guilders
We are excited to add these models to the store, and we will add more in the future.

You can always gain Guilders by attending any Henchman led event. Everyone should gain a Guilder for participating, with the possibility of earning even more!
We are excited to announce that we have a new job opening in the Game Design department! This position will help the Wyrd team create new content for its games, as well as interacting with the community, attending conventions, and more.

Check out the full details of the opening on our jobs page here
In addition to all the news above, we have also put in an order for errata'd special edition cards. This means that, in the future, Vintage and Special Edition cards will contain the January 2017 errata.

Last, but not least, Customeeple has put out a number of April releases for Malifaux. You can check out the announcement on Facebook here, complete with a lot of images. There are some great options for players looking for terrain, markers, and more.

It's a great time to be getting Wyrd, and we thank you for your continued support. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you soon!
Copyright © 2017 Wyrd Miniatures LLC, All rights reserved. 

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