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Unboxing Punkapocalyptic - Mercs and Extras

Bad Roll Games recently took their 'Punkapocalyptic' game to Kickstarter in order to fund a new faction called 'Black Blood Children'. Unfortunately for me they also had a 'basically everything we've ever made plus the new stuff' pledge...they gave it the slightly snappier name 'Wasteland Hoarder' but the principle was the now I own four Punkapocalyptic factions...

We've looked at the four main factions in previous articles so lets finish off with a look at a couple of mercenaries and a few extras that I acquired during the recent Kickstarter...

The 'Printer Friendly' version of the core rules can be downloaded from HERE.
The rules for Mercs can be downloaded from HERE

Although the Wasteland is a dangerous place to live in and most people join together to survive, some outstanding individuals go their own way and can afford to offer their services to the highest bidder. Most of them are common guns for hire with no affiliation whatsoever, so they will work for whoever puts a bigger pile of bullets on the table. But there are always those motivated by other standards, such as helping those in need or those who wear the flashiest clothes.

It's also possible that these first two might have an entirely coincidental similarity to some characters from a recent movie... 

Crazy Mel
Crazy Mel is a living legend of the Wasteland, roaming the badlands on his car with the only company of his dog, Meatball. He is a man of few words and little is known about his past, although it seems he became the faithless and sour person he currently is after the loss of a beloved one. Although he tries not to poke his nose in other people’s business, sometimes, being it out of principles or in exchange for fuel or bullets, he will fight for one of the warring bands around the Scrapbridge area.
Crazy Mel - Unassembled
Here's a look at both sides of the unassembled parts that make up Crazy Mel...
Crazy Mel - Assembled
This model is in the majority a single piece with the head separate. You get two choices of head (one with a helmet and one without) and his pet dog that's also a separate piece that you can use or not as you please.

Imperatrix Rabiosa
Rabiosa was one of the best fraggin’ scouts in the northern Junkers bands, the candy of the eye for the Lord of Bullets, for whom she fulfilled lots of really profitable jobs earning the Imperatrix title for herself. No one knows exactly when that relationship went sour, but one given day Rabiosa left the camp with a big-ass war rig. Appartently the deal was to deliver this armoured truck at the Blackblood Children fortress, but some rumours say that after keeping her part of the deal, the Children of Tex’co betrayed her and tried to take her down. She had to shoot, cut and bite her way out of there and now, banned by most of her former allies, she roams the Wasteland offering her services.
Imperatrix Rabiosa - Unassembled
Here's a look at both sides of the unassembled parts that make up Imperatrix Rabiosa...
Imperatrix Rabiosa - Assembled
This model is in the majority a single piece with separate arms.

Unlocked in model form as part of the recent Kickstarter was Lizzy DeVille. I'm therefore not sure when (if ever) she'll be available via normal retail.
Liz DeVille
Soldier of fortune and natural born survivor since her early days, Lizzy DeVille has always travelled across and along the Wasteland without calling any place home. She forges temporary alliances with other Wasteland roamers she might come across in her travels, if she believes it will be a good idea, but at the end she always ends up following her own way.
Liz Deville - Unassembled
Here's a look at both sides of the unassembled parts that make up Lizzy DeVille...
Liz Deville - Assembled
This model consists of five pieces though with the exception of the main body piece the separate parts are quite small. The hand piece will need handling with particular care as it's tiny...

There were also a number of other bits and pieces that arrived as part of my Kickstarter pledge that are worth having a look at...

Martarabbits - Unassembled
Here's a look at both sides of the unassembled parts that make up the Martarabbits...
Martarabbits - Assembled
Two are single piece, one has a separate tail.

Punka Tokens and Scenic Bases

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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