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Unboxing Punkapocalyptic - Junkers

Bad Roll Games recently took their 'Punkapocalyptic' game to Kickstarter in order to fund a new faction called 'Black Blood Children'. Unfortunately for me they also had a 'basically everything we've ever made plus the new stuff' pledge...they gave it the slightly snappier name 'Wasteland Hoarder' but the principle was the now I own four Punkapocalyptic factions... lets start with some background info on the Junkers, a look at what is in their starter set and then what else is available for that particular faction...

Editors Note - This particular article is VERY picture heavy.

Finding tools, weapons, vehicles or almost anything in the Wasteland is hard and dangerous. But the Junkers, also called Scavengers by some, make a living of it. They search among the piles of rubble of old cities and the disposal waste of the Megalopoli, and they always find things to sell or trade at this settlement or the other. They are adept on repairing and “patching” machines, although not very neatly, and more often than not they end up creating complex apparatus to solve simple tasks, and not the other way around.

They are probably the faction that can roam this side of the Wasteland with more freedom of movement than any other, as everyone is interested in trading with them to get good stuff, and it is not wise to attack the people that can get them. That doesn’t mean they are totally safe, and from time to time a gang of Junkers is attacked to steal their goods, so although they are not the best fighters in the world, they have wits and devices with which to defend themselves, and they are used to move around dangerous places like no other.
Junkers are eccentric people to say the least. They are dressed with all kinds of suits and devices recovered from the ruins, the older the better, and always with some strange gadget of unimaginable hue and shape in their hands.

Among their members there is no particular organization, as every individual is specialized in a specific task, from scouts capable of sneaking everywhere without being noticed, to alchemists that manufacture all kinds of concoctions, or inventors full of the craziest ideas. There are no bosses, nor anyone who organize things, and when matters must be discussed they gather an Assembly where everyone has a voice and a vote.

They use to be on the move, usually forming caravans, in search of new places to get raw materials and stopping by the settlements only to trade with what they have found. People tend to see them as freaks… although useful ones.  Around the Scrapbridge area almost all of them have some kind of bond with Samanthia, the only place they could possibly call home. While on other zones of the Wasteland their dressing code tends to be more lax, patching clothes up with whatever fabrics they can find, the gangs around this area have been deeply influenced by the particular style of the Baroness, so imbued by the old Julio Verne novels she loves to read, and has become almost iconic for their members.

The 'Printer Friendly' version of the core rules can be downloaded from HERE.
The rules for this particular faction can be downloaded from HERE.

Note - The metal models come with a plain 25mm 'slot' base and the later resin ones come with the same size base but without the slot...

Junkers Starter Set
There is a starter set available for this faction composed by five Junker miniatures.

Junkers Starter Set - Unassembled
Here's a look at the starter set models in their unassembled form. Currently these are metal though it's possible that resin versions may come later as the more recent models in the various factions are resin.

Junkers Starter Set - Assembled
The starter set for this faction is composed of five Junker miniatures. Includes Dynamo (crack 'n' snap, electric suit and biohazard protection), Gear (blunderbuss, medium blade and hardened leather), Gear (pumper), Piston (heavy blade / ballistic punch, pistol and metallic armour) and Probe (small blade and biohazard protection). The pictures below are in the same order as the previous written descriptions but to be honest which is which is pretty obvious with even a brief look at their respective equipment...

The only model that' has any assembly issues is 'Dynamo' as the weapon tip has a relatively small contact point and the connecting tube needs a little 'tweaking' to get to align. Neither are big problems but still worth mentioning.

This gentleman comes with the option of either the axe I've used or a 'Ballistic Fist' which you can see in the unassembled pictures a little further up.

Also available are a number of Junkers models you can use to expand your force. Available are Gear - light mace and biohazard protection, Gear - rifle, Gear - rifle and scope, Piston - harpoon gun and metallic armour and another Gear unlocked via the Kickstarter.

Junkers - Additional Models - Unassembled
Here's a look at both sides of the additional models in their unassembled form. Some of these particular models are metal and others are resin.

 Junkers - Additional Models - Assembled
The resin models are single piece with the exception of the one unlocked during the recent Kickstarter, the metal ones are multi-part as you can tell from the unassembled pictures above.

This model was unlocked during the recent Kickstarter so I'm unsure how long it'll be until it's available separately.

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Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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