Wednesday, 19 April 2017

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Warlord Games usual Wednesday newsletter...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby activity and latest articles.

Operation Sea Lion

The British need to make a stoic and historical defense of their shores and to do so they improvised a whole new era of weaponry, all coming from the new campaign book, Sea Lion!
Wargames illustrated takes a look through the new Campaign Sea Lion for Bolt Action Second Edition!

Test of Honour

Mark Brown and Jez Fairclough from Tabletop Games UK have been working with game writer Graham Davey to produce this campaign system!

Salute Offers

With the big day almost upon us, we're cramming the lorry full of great products, displays and the new goodies for the Studio to show off. The coach is booked and we can't wait to see you all in London this Weekend! Download your Offer Sheet today and check out the great offers available at Salute 2017!

100 Years of Tanks!

We take a quick look at the first tank combat in history,  you can re-fight the first clash of tanks on the battlefield!

Airbrushing Tutorial!

In this tutorial The War Gamer show you guys how to airbrush a Mark IV Tank from the Bolt Action WW1 collection.
Warlorder apprentice JoshB has dived into Bolt Action with a new scenario he has been play testing!
Warlorder Jamie T shows us how he painted his KV1/2. Part 1 concentrates on how to achieve the iconic Russian Green, and how to highlight and shade with Modulation & Filter:

Wargames Illustrated

Come grab Wargames Illustrated issue 355 May and read up on a special offer we have going on for Salute!
Want to become a Warlorder? We need you! Check out our current vacancies including Casting and Web Tech:
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