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22nd April 2017

Do you have wisdom to share?

Or a thirst for Knowledge?

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UKGE Food Festival on Chow Street

Everything about Games

UK Games Expo has a full seminar schedule on many exciting aspects of games and the games industry. Want to meet the celebrities of the games industry and be part of a recorded broadcast? Want to hear predictions and opinions? Want to learn how to make games? Our seminar schedule has all this and more.

Something to say?

Our Toute Suite main seminar schedule is now full. That said we have opportunities in workshop and small seminar rooms for other topics to be explored. Are you an expert on Viking Games? Have you got a mathematical theory for the perfect Catan strategy?
If so, now is you moment. Millie our boss of seminars is collecting topics and ideas for great small workshops and small seminars aimed at circa 50 attendees. Email her with your idea.
BUT be swift - the deadline for seminars and workshops is next Thursday 27th April.
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Learn to draw like a pro

Piazza 1 11.00 Sunday 4th June

Gillian Pearce (Helions Art) and Linda Jones are both artists with numerous credits for art used in Roleplaying Games. In this two hour workshop you’ll have the chance to work under veterans Gillian Pearce and Linda M Jones and hone your drawing skills.
Only has 15 available spaces and you must bring your own drawing materials. Once the 15 places are taken other may join the audience but the artists can only work with the 15
To register your place email Gillian
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How to run a successful Kickstarter.

Surrey Room Hilton 19.00 Saturday 4th June
How do you set about organising and running a successful Kickstarter Campaign? Find out from those who know about it. Luke Crane from Kickstarter, Chris Birch of Modiphius, Nigel Matthews of GamesQuest and others tell you how.
How to Set Up with Kickstarter - Luke Crane - Kickstarter
Running a Campaign - Chris Birch - Modiphius
How to run your logistics - Nigel Matthews - GamesQuest
How to Distribute Your Game - Alex Green/Jon Burton - Esdevium

No prebooking needed: Designers and Publishers will find this of interest

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The Publisher Designer Track

Don't forget that we have a full spectrum of activities and seminars about game design. If you are a designer looking for help developing your idea or maybe thinking about self publishing, an indie publisher looking for advice on running a Kick-starter campaign or marketing a published game we have a range of seminars designed to help.
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