Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Era: Hitman - Kickstarter

An interesting new RPG Kickstarter...I'm not sure I need another RPG sourcebook...but you might...

For the first time, get

as a Printed Book!

Join us on Kickstarter now to grab your physical copy of Era: Hitman, back by popular demand and already 800% Funded with unlocked Stretch Goals!

Become a super-powered hitman with the power to defy gravity, imbue sentience on inanimate objects or remove the nuclear forces that hold people together in Era: Hitman!

Join us on Kickstarter to be the first to get Era: Hitman in Paperback and get a bonus session from the unlocked Stretch Goals!

And don't miss your last chance to get the amazing Hai-Xang Hayden comic, based in the most exciting period of Era: The Consortium!

We have loads more coming!

We're currently working on several projects you can expect to see before the end of the year, such as...

More Era: The Consortium Expansions!

Our next Consortium Kickstarter will offer Free Trader, Home Base, New Worlds and much more! Don't miss another expansion to the universe
in October 2017!

New Villains in Champion of Earth!

The Aliens may be invading Earth, but they aren't stupid!
They have realised they need more allies, and the Robots, Dinosoids and Demons are just waiting for their chance...

Champion of Earth - Robots, Cyborgs and more, August 2017

New RPG, Era: The Chosen!

Out brand new Tabletop RPG is in development and will be finished in 2017! Combat the horrifying denizens of Erebus in the Lost Lands that provide their route into our universe...
Join us now!

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