Saturday, 1 July 2017

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New box sets from Spartan Games...

Time is running out!!
Thank you to all those who jumped on our pre-order offer for the upcoming Operation: North Star DW Expansion.  There's still (just) time to get on board and claim your free upgrades!  These ground breaking models are ready to bring terror to the tabletop! 
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To recap, we have two brand-new fleets for your consumption: the stalwart Dominion of Canada (DoC) and the much-anticipated Scandinavian Teutonic Order (STO). They are set to clash in Operation: North Star, brutal action set on the frozen wastes of Greenland.
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Boxed Set Free Model 
Operation North Star 2-Player Starter Set
Pre-order price £70
The ultimate way to collect both of our new fleets and also an ideal way for new players to start their journey into the stunning Dystopian World
A sight to behold.  Schloss Saint Michaelsends a powerful message about the Teutonic Order's territorial claim on Western Greenland.
Dominion of Canada Battle Force
Pre-order price £45   
The First Division flotilla under Commodore Rebecca De Chastelain has raised steam and struck out into the Davis Strait, sailing hard for battle and glory!

16 stunningly detailed resin models and 15 SAS Tokens and 3 Movement Trays
The Quebec Class Armada Support Flyer,
logistical support and a formidable command point for the DOC.  Protected by ablative plating and a shield Generator, the ship delivers specialised squadrons into the heart of battle.  It also packs a punch with its powerful Magnum Cannons! 

Scandinavian Teutonic Order Battle Force  
Pre-order price £45
The Teutonic Order. Following their exile to Prussian Scandinavia prepare to confront the upstart Dominion of Canada to protect their territorial interests.

12 stunningly detailed resin models and 10 SAS Tokens and 2 Movement Trays
The all new MK II Sibrand Class Metzger Robot boasts a mighty Cavalry War Hammer and the largest calibre Tesla Accelerator Gun yet seen, heralding only doom for its enemies and glorious conquest for its commodore!

  • These are pre-order offers for products shipping in August 2017.
  • If you include other products in your order, they will also ship with these new products in August 2017.
  • If you want other items now, please order them separately so we can process the order straight away
Check out our Blogs at for more details about these exciting models and our new Operation: North Star Campaign which sees them in action.
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